Toys are available in various shapes, sizes, compositions, and color variants. There are soft toys, electronic toys, vinyl figurines, robotic toys, etc. Again, there are cheap toys, budget toys, and expensive toys. If you are planning to gift your child with an expensive toy on his birthday, then here is a list of 5 expensive toys that can fit your budget.

1. Wooden toys

In this modern age, wooden toys have almost become extinct. You will rarely find any wooden toys in the toy stores. But you will be surprised to know that there are some companies that still provide wooden toys at an affordable price. You can buy one for your child from their websites. Wooden toys are available as building blocks, toy cars, carts, animal figurines, push toys, musical toys, etc.

2. Soft Toys

Soft toys are affordable as well as exorbitant gifts that you can give to your child. Soft toys are safe for kids of all age groups and children all around the globe are fond of them. There are many types of soft toys like teddy bears, stuffed dolls, plush animals, Disney characters, hanging toys, etc. Soft toys are available from a cheap range to exclusive range, so you can buy une as per your budget.

3. Funko pops

Funko pops are vinyl figurines of well known superhero characters and cartoon characters. These are adorable toys loved by children around the world. If you are searching for a semi-expensive gift for your kid, then funko pops can be the best option. The good thing about funko pops is that you can additionally buy a protection cover for the toy so that it is not worn out or damaged by any external source. You can easily purchase one of the best funko pop protectors from online stores like Amazon or Ebay. Acid free protection boxes made from PET plastic material is considered as one of the best funko pop protectors that you can purchase.

4. Electronic Toys

Electronic toys are available in various types, from automatic to manually operated ones. The price ranges according to the mechanical functions of the toy. If you are in search of an expensive piece, then you can go for a drone or a manual crane with hydraulic parts. If your child is too small for a drone, then you can purchase an electronic dancing robot or a Furby.

5. Outdoor Toys

If your child is too attached to electronic gadgets like video games or mobile phones, then I will recommend you to give your child an outdoor toy. Playing with outdoor toys will not only increase the physical activity level of your child, but also give them relief from eye fatigue. You can select from a wide variety of outdoor toys like Water slide, Archery set, Trampoline, seesaw set, Tree swing, Roller Skate, Sandbox Kit, etc.

I hope this information will be helpful for you to choose the best toy for your kid. If you have any queries or suggestions, don’t hesitate to drop your opinion in the comment section.

Thank you very much for reading!