Griffon Belge is the way to go!

Monica : Rachel , when you go away for work, I get bored as hell! What to do man? I just can’t deal with this separation anxiety from you.

Rachel: I know that Monica, you are a dear friend to me too, I love spending time with you as well, but one of us has to earn for our living. I cannot sit at home and expect money to magically appear in our bank accounts. Why don’t you find a new job for yourself?

Monica: Hey! No need to be snarky Rachel! I know you are working hard for the both of us, affording rent, food, toiletries and what not, but I cannot go back to living in that mechanical way again. My anxieties reach to another level. You know that I need to fulfill my dream of becoming a chef, you know that I cook spectacular food, but no one is ready to give me an opportunity whatsoever. I have tried my best, but I just can’t find anything of my liking.

Rachel : Of course, sitting in pajamas on the couch , stuffing your face with chips, oreos and peanut butter, which is gross by the way and watching dog videos is trying hard. I would love to do such hard work myself.

Monica: Alright, alright! I know I watch too many dog videos, but look how cute are these dogs! Look at them sleeping.

Rachel: I hate to agree with you but this is so cute. I want to squish these pups Monica! Which breed is this?

Monica: I know right? This is Griffon Belge. It originated from Belgium.

Rachel: Hey, I got an idea, why don’t you own a dog, wait a minute, why don’t you own this dog? It is small, cute and cuddly and When he will come to our home, you won’t even realize that I’m not there.

Monica: Nice idea, Rachel. I am so excited to get this puppy at our home, and for sure I will forget you when he comes.

Rachel: Very funny ,Monica. But do you have any information on this breed? I mean what kind of conditions does it need to grow, what kind of food it eats,etc.

Monica: Of course I do.What do you think I do when you’re away for work. Anyway, this cute canine is a part of Gruffon Bruxellois breed. They are available in black, black and tan, blue, red, beige and brown. They are small dogs which grow up to twenty three to twenty six centimetres in height and about three to six kilograms in weight. These dogs were  originally used in stables to catch rats but in the 1870’s it graduated from being a rat dog to a lapdog when Queen Henrietta Maria of Belgium grew a liking for this dog. So, the royal patronage boosted international interest, and Griffs were exported to America and England.

Although these dogs are small in size , but they have huge personalities. They are stubborn , so they do not do anything against their will, and the best part is, that they love to cuddle with their favorite person, which obviously would be me.

Rachel : We will see. Now continue with the information please.

Monica: They are intelligent, playful , energetic and they adjust well to the city life. They need to be constantly praised while being trained, also, it is better to train them in an indoor cage(for crate training). These dogs are wary of strangers and tend to bark a lot, so they are excellent watchdogs too. Is it enough or should I convince you more?

Rachel: Okay, now I am convinced, we will get this cute, furry canine the first thing in the morning. Surely, Griffon Belge is the way to go buddy!

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A day in the life of a dentist


My name is Rashida Ali. I’m a dentist, working in Al Habeeb Private Hospital in Dubai. In this post, I am going to uncover my day to day life to all my readers so that you get a glimpse of what I do in my profession and how I balance my personal and professional life. So, let’s get started.

Let’s start with my morning routine. There are three basic things that are part of my morning routine. These are things that set my mood and energy for the entire day. If I miss doing any of these tasks, I find myself lagging throughout the day.

The first thing I do in the morning is to sit on my desk and note down parts of the dream I remember in my journal. I have been doing this for the last five years. Researches have shown that remembering your dreams helps in creating stronger neural connections.

The second thing in my morning routine is exercise. I love to play soccer and everyday I spend around 30 minutes running and kicking the ball in the football ground next to my apartment. There are days when I spend around 45 minutes to an hour in the ground. Next, I go on and do some forms of exercise on the ground. It helps me keep my body intact for the rest of the day.

Once I’m done with my morning routine, I move on to do the other very important tasks of the day which are related to my work. I plan my day. I do it in my daily planner. I take my morning tea while doing so. And, of course I have my bath before doing this part of my morning ritual.

I also find the time to work on my passion project. If you are not aware of this, I run a Youtube channel and a blog – DocInDubai. I post articles daily on my blog and I upload weekly videos on the channel. As of now, I have posted more than a thousand articles on the blog. I’m currently working on a project on the medical insurance companies in Dubai. It is one of the most interesting topics for me. I have also planned on doing a video on the top medical insurance companies in Dubai. I hope it turns out well.

Coming back to the topic, after planning the day and working a little on my passion project, I move out of my apartment and into my car. I drive to my workplace while listening to some interesting podcasts. That is one of the best times of my day. It sets my mood for the next few hours. By the time I reach my chamber, I’m full with excitement for the day.

The next few hours of the day are spent in meetings with patients and discussions with my apprentices. I run through the further schedule for the day around noon and make changes to it if needed. I have my lunch at around 1:30 and move out of the building. I like to walk after having my meal. I come back in 20 minutes and continue my work till the evening.

I leave the hospital at 6 and reach my home at 7. I bathe, cook and settle myself down for some alone time. I read a book or watch something on the internet. At 9, I spend another half an hour on my personal project. I turn off my devices and hit the sack at 10. This is how a day in my life looks like.

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How to save money for your future

Saving money for the future is no rocket science. Anybody who wants to boost their financial situation can do so with the help of some basic principles. There are very simple methods that go into making you ready for a safe future. In this post, we are going to look at these principles and understand them in a better way.

These principles are the core of money-making and if you can master them, you are well on your way to economic freedom. So, without any further ado, let’s take a close look at the best principles of saving or making money for the future.

1. Use electric power wisely

One of the most common yet overlooked means of losing money is blowing it on your home or office electricity consumption. According to a survey, it has been found that over 60 per cent of television watchers in America leave their TV set on while they go to sleep. This is a dumb thing to do. Yet, people don’t stop doing it. Regulated use of electricity at home and in the workplace can bring down the electricity bill by a huge measure. To go one step further, use energy-efficient equipment like the Econo heater. Econo heaters are energy-efficient and budget-friendly. It can be used by the common American people to save money on their electricity bills.

2. Make use of public transport

There are many ways to commute. But, the best way of all is to take that commute medium which saves you a substantial amount of money in the process. If you are someone who commutes to work in your own car, you might consider rethinking the strategy and see if it is worth your time. There is nothing wrong with having your own car and driving it. But, if you are struggling financially while spending on your car, you should know that you are not on the right track. Using public transport can save you a lot of money while giving you the time to listen to your favorite artists.

3. Cook your own meals

Eating out from time to time can add up as a huge expense. You can spend an hour or two every day to prepare your own meals for the whole day. This way you can save a lot of money which you can use for some other purpose. This can be one of the easiest ways to save money for your future.

4. Use credit cards wisely

Credit cards are something that can save you a lot of money and also make you lose a lot of money. It depends on how you use it. If you are someone who forgets to pay your credit card bills on time, you have to bear the negative consequences of having a credit card. On the other hand, if you pay your bills on time and plan your finances wisely, you can earn reward points on your credit card spendings. These reward points can then be used for shopping, traveling, movies, hotel bookings, etc. This way you can spend less of your actual cash and still get the benefits of spending.

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Doing Workout At Home With These Gym Equipments

Need to get fit yet don’t approach a gym? Here is the arrangement. There is incalculable gym equipment that you can possess at your home and use at your own accommodation. With the current pandemic circumstance going on in the hile world it is a good thought to exercise at home and guard yourself against any kind of interaction with individuals. Individuals from all sexual orientations and from everything ages can utilize this equipment at their home and make a decent fitness lifestyle for them. Much more youthful children and kids can utilize this equipment. Here are the best gym equipment for kids, adults, old age, and for men and women both, and the top tier brands to consider while buying every product. 

Cosco Exercise Bike 

This activity bicycle from Cosco is a grand expansion to your intense cardiovascular exercises. This is a multifunctional bicycle that accompanies comfortable handles, flexible seats, 470 mm flywheel, and a curved cycle. The meter permits you to monitor your pace, length, calories consumed, and separation you need to cycle. 

Domyos Dumbbell Set 

These are free weights however there are three factors that make it unique – this entire set is advantageous, easy to utilize, and adaptable. Besides, you needn’t bother with any exceptional trainer to train you to utilize this. This accompanies two 2 kg bars, eight 1kg plates, and four half kilogram plates – making it to an aggregate of 14 kg. A totally flexible set, it very well may be utilized to extend, fortify, and tone your chest, back, laterals, shoulder, biceps, rear arm muscles, thighs, and center. 

Co-Fit Anti-Burst Gym Ball 

Gym ball or exercise ball, as it is called all the more ordinarily, is multifunctional fitness equipment that you can use whenever it might suit you. What’s more, fortunately, you needn’t bother with a trainer while exercising with this ball. Be it the crunches or push-ups, this Co-Fit home gym equipment is the correct decision. This ball offers you an opportunity to reinforce and condition your legs, arms, chest, and midsection by using it in innovative manners. 

Body Sculpture 5 Spring Chest Pull 

Shape your upper back, shoulders, and arms while toning and strengthening them up with this chest pull from Body Sculpture. As the name recommends, this home gym equipment accompanies five springs that can be changed in accordance with meeting your chest area fitness necessities. It helps in toning, shaping, and firming your hips, butts, back, abs, as well as arms. 

Body Sculpture Resistance Body Trimmer

You don’t need to indulge in long spans of exercises to manage your body. Accessible in two different sizes, this adaptable obstruction body trimmer can be changed in accordance with meet your necessities. Tone and fortify your chest, arms, and upper abs with this advantageous fitness gadget. Using it reasonably over some stretch of time makes certain to give you a fit, well-managed, and conditioned body. 

Adidas Fitness Mat

A fitness mat is multifunctional. Alongside helping you do floor works out, a fitness mat empowers demonstrations of the pad while you sit on your knees and exercise. This specific one from Adidas has a thickness of about 0.8 cm and aides in maintaining the parity even while standing and working out. The additional padding on this mat gives you included comfort, simultaneously shielding your body parts from sustaining injuries while stretching or working out.

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The science of crystal healing

The world of alternate crystal therapies is diverse. Healing crystals are among the top in the list of alternative treatments.

Crystals have healing properties in them that make them extremely beneficial elements. It can bring peace to the human mind and make it capable of fighting depression and other mental ailments.

The use of crystals has been seen in ancient scriptures too. They are still used by spiritual healers and crystal healers for aligning the body chakras. Presently, there is a growing trend of using crystals as a self-care source.

While crystals are considered to be extremely effective, there is no scientific evidence to back these claims. However, using these crystals can be very relaxing for you.

Let’s try and understand how these crystals work. 

Crystals allow the flow of positive energy into the body. It also removes the buildup of toxic energies in the body. Just like most alternative therapies, crystal healing focuses on treating and healing the body from within.

When it comes to crystal healing therapy, there is one factor that is backed by science. Crystal healing works on placebo effects. It is believed that there is a sense of being cured in pertinent even without the use of medicines. This happens because of the perception that crystals have the power to heal them even without medications.

The molecular structure of these stones is such that they vibrate to a particular vibration and frequency. These vibrations have a positive impact on the body. It uplifts your mood, mind and overall health. It throws out the negative thoughts and energies from the body and attracts positive energy and vibes.

They harness the energy of the sun, the moon and nature in general. This energy is then transmitted into our body through the crystals. Holding the crystal in your hand or placing it over your body has an effect on the body’s chakras. It promotes mental and physical well being. It also boosts creativity and concentration power.

Amethyst is a crystal stone that has been very popular for healing. Another healing crystal that is in demand these days is the Labradorite stone. You can learn more about this stone on Labradorite Gem. This is a blog that talks about this particular gemstone and its properties. You can find interesting articles about this stone and learn more about it.

Did you find this interesting helpful? This is one of the best resources on this blog about crystals and gemstones. There are a lot more articles on this blog about crystals, gemstones and healing stones. Browse to the health and wellness section of this blog to find those articles. 

If you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions to share with us, you can share your feedback with us through the comment section. If you read about researched articles on topics like these, feel free to let us know. We will do our best to bring the best content for you.

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What are some of the best professional flute brands

When we analyze what makes a musical concert special, we realize that it is the musical instruments that make the play successful or a failure. A play or a concert is liked or disliked by the audience based on the characters involved or the music played. Music leads the show. Without a beautiful piece of music attached to the show, it can get boring.

Nowadays, people prefer listening to bass music with high bass. But the count of calm and peaceful music lovers are much more than that, through which one can relieve himself from the distressful daily routine. 

Flute tone lovers are many, but they totally depend upon the flutist who may play it excellent or up to the average. Depending upon the experience level that may be a starter or a professional flutist, flutes are divided for both. Professional flutes are more massive and are much more difficult to be played by a beginner. They offer high projection and heavier quality of sound that is especially required by an advanced player. Picking out from the many, some best professional flutes of really good brands are available to be bought.

Pearl Quantz Series Flute

It is a wonderful flute to perform, made for all levels of performer. Comes with a pointed French arm and a silver solid head joint that provides excellent performance enabling it to produce incredible tones. Due to the presence of B footprint and split E, one can enjoy a quick response and an excellent intonation while playing with high E note that is rare to be found on other flutes.

Gemeinhardt 32B Flute

This flute is made of solid silver, containing an NG1 head joint that is plated with a gold lip. The structure is an open-hole body consisting of inline-G on a B-foot joint. It is known to produce a sweet clear response with a focused, warm, and dark tone.

Yamaha 677H Professional Flute

Almost many of us are very familiar with the brand name Yamaha as it has always offered a better result as compared to the other products. Yamaha Flutes are beautifully hand-designed flutes that come with a silver head joint, body made of sterling silver, and a silver foot joint that are all annealed, providing an excellent evenness tone in all charts.

Gemeinhardt Model 30B Flute

It is a classic musical Flute that can be used by both the intermediate and a professional flutist. It contains proportioned toned holes designed with a unique embouchure and a B-key flute. It is combined with power coined keys that underscore the durability and sturdiness of the Flute.

Lazarro Professional Silver Nickel Flute

If you are looking for an excellent, stylish, and easily affordable flute, this Lazarro flute can be a perfect choice. It comes with a professional look that contains a hole-C with gold and silver keys option.

If you are a true flute lover and cordially like to make music a part of your life, always select a good and best professional flute that offers you high-quality products and can render you with good performance rather than going for uselessly modified costly brands that may only increase your prestige value. 

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The role of electricity in human life 

The invention of electricity was one of the biggest achievements of human civilization. It has been the anchor point for many other inventions. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that electricity is fuel for driving the vehicle of human progress. The technological advancements that you see today are somehow or other fuelled or connected through electricity. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the various ways electricity has made human life simpler and more convenient.

So, without further ado, let’s get into It.

1. It is the fuel for lighting your home and offices. With electricity, you can power up electric bulbs. This can light up the rooms and workspaces and drive away the darkness. This was the basic intent behind inventing this power source. Now, it is used for a lot more reasons. 

2. It is used to power and operate vehicles. In the modern-day, electric vehicles are replacing natural gas and liquid fuel vehicles. Electric cars are considered environment-friendly and super efficient compared to other vehicles. It is estimated that by 2030 almost 80% of motor vehicles will be electrical.

3. It gives you heat, which is an essential commodity. Electricity produces heat, which can be used for a lot of purposes. Appliances like heaters and grills operate on power. They consume electric energy and change it into heat energy. Here is a website where you can find reviews and guides on electrical heating appliances. The heat energy from electricity can be used for cooking, heating up water, and keeping the air warm. 

4. It is used to run large industries and manufacturing units. One of the biggest advantages of electricity is its use in factories and industries. The industrial revolution of 1789 was driven by industries that had machinery operated by electric power. Therefore, it must be said that electricity plays a great role in the industrial and manufacturing sectors of the world. It has a more significant role to play in future technological advancements

5. It brings comfort and luxury into our lives. A lot of electrical appliances that you see around you are luxury goods. From the air conditioner to the massage chair, we are used to having electrical luxury items around us at all times. Our lives are driven through these goods. Thinking about not having electricity can bring pain into our minds. We really can’t afford to give up using this power source. It is an essential part of our lives now.

We hope you found this post useful and informative. If you have any questions related to this article, you can leave your thoughts in the comments section below this post. We love to interact with our readers. We will be glad to share more insights with you on this topic. Make sure to bookmark this website for interesting articles like this and do not forget to share this article with your friends on social media and elsewhere.

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Is it possible to travel the world with no money?

Hey there! Thanks for dropping by. Welcome to this interesting blog. Here, I share a lot of things about a lot of things. If you’re here for the first time, please bear with me. I can’t help but put out this introductory note in my article.

Wait. Don’t leave yet.

You’re going to get what you came here for. In this article, I’m going to share all the crucial details about traveling the world with little or no money. So, stay around to find out more.

I have always been interested in traveling and explou\ring the world. I have gone to 33 countries in the world to date and I think I can offer my opinions on the real expenses that happen in traveling. Contrary to popular belief, traveling is not so expensive. When you plan and execute your travels in a precise manner, you can save a lot of travel expenses.

In this article, I have covered some of the fundamentals of cheap traveling that will help you understand how it is possible to explore the world without breaking your bank.

1. Plan your travels in advance

Unplanned journeys are amazing but planned travels help you save money. From cheap flight tickets to budget-friendly hotel rooms, planning your journeys can save your hard-earned money. Start your travel planning at least three days before the day of travel. If possible, plan it one week in advance. If you travel via flight, you can get cheap tickers when you book at least a month in advance. 

2. Research on the destination

One of the smartest ways to travel is to learn everything about the destination well in advance. From maps to tour guides and more, learn all of these to make your travel hassle-free and convenient. There is so much information on the internet that you can practically learn everything about a city, country, or continent from your home. Websites like canadagreencardinfo.com make it so easy for people to learn about the destination before they actually go and visit it.

3. Reach out to other travelers

There are many travelers in the world who are constantly on the move. Reach out to them through various online means and get some tips, advice and suggestions for places to stay. Heck, you can even find hosts who will be ready to have you live for free at their homes. There are so many options that can be explored when you connect with other travelers from around the world.

4. Hitchhike

This is one of the old school ways of traveling that still works. All you need to make this work is a lot of patience and good communication skills. When you are presentable and talk well, you will find people ready to give you free rides anywhere in the world. However, you have to be cautious when hitchhiking. There have been instances where people have been killed or looted when they trusted strangers. Make sure to hitchhike only during the day. This is a much safer option.

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The secret to naming a brand

Branding is one of the essential things to do for a company. There are many advisors who come up with various tips and techniques for branding. However, most of them miss out on one simple thing – the name of the brand.

Sometimes it is the simplest things in a business that has the biggest impacts. Naming your brand might be a simple thing, but it may cost you massively when you do it wrong. When you do it right, it might just be the only thing that could take your business to the heights. 

One of the easiest and effective ways to make your brand name popular is to use a name that everybody already knows about. Pick a thing that everyone sees in their everyday life. Name your brand after things that are visible to people without you having to show them all the time. Pick up names from natural objects. 

Skybags is one of the most successful brands in the world. It has used the word “sky” in its brand name. There are a lot more examples like this where businesses have used such common names and branded their products successfully. 

Let me illustrate an example for you.

Let’s take the example of a company that wants to name its brand with a flower name.

When we talk about flowers, the first image that comes to the mind is that of a rose. It has been used in the marketing and branding strategy of companies. Having the name “Rose” in your brand is one of the easiest ways to capture the attention of the audience or consumer. People love roses and when a brand has the name “rose”, it simply catches people’s attention. Marketers use this technique to gather more customers. 

There are many different products which have been named around this flower. There are crystals that have been named with “rose”. One of the most beautiful among these is the rose aura quartz. It has a beautiful red color on its surface. Manufacturers of this quartz have named it rose aura quartz to capture the attention of buyers instantly. Crystal enthusiasts love this type of quartz and they are ready to pay the price to have it in their homes whenever they get a chance.

There are many more examples like these where manufacturers and producers have used the name of this flower to brand their product. This is one of the most useful tactics of branding and marketing today. Naming a brand after something so generic and tangible makes it easy for customers to remember. This is all that is needed to grow the brand and expand. 

It is said that your brand name should be seen at least seven times for people to remember it. But, when you have a brand name that is seen by people in their daily lives, your branding happens effortlessly. You don’t have to worry about the “Rule of Seven” in such a case.

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Shungite – A Pyramid that incurs life

Shungite is a natural remedy that plays a vital role in protection against the geopathogenic radiations that are negatively affecting our good health and the conditions of the internal organs. At the modern era of negative frequencies all over us, Shungite can be used as a tool for shielding and healing the negative impact that occurs to our body.

Basically there are lots of tools, ornaments and jewels that are made out of shaping Shungite. Every item made of Shungite is used at different portions of our daily life. To make ourselves protected in our household or at our working area Shungite pyramid is very helpful as a natural remedy.

Shungite pyramids are the most popular and are the most used featuring items made of Shungite. They can be easily placed in our living rooms and in our offices. In our home, it easily protects us from the harmful radiation coming out of the computer, mobile phones, microwave ovens that can cause severe headaches or chronic fatigue that is very difficult to cure with normal medicines.

In business, most people use this pyramid to clean inherited coins or jewellery which helps in accumulating the negative energy from the previous owner. Placing a pyramid on our decorating table will significantly decrease nervousness, improve family relationships. The pyramid should mostly be placed in an area where we spend most of our time such as the bedrooms, kitchen, office rooms, etc to have its most noticeable impact.

Shungite pyramids are also used for massaging to get a more powerful and long-lasting effect. It can be placed in our cars because while driving one needs to fully concentrate and feel calm as a result reduces the risk of accidents. Using a pyramid will provide normalised sleep, a balanced spirit of mind, release of rheumatic and vertebral pains, improved mental and emotional state. It eliminates every type of illness or disorder that may be present from before.

Every ingredients present on the pyramid has its special quality like the Orgonite mix helps in revitalising and uplifting the energy field by neutralising the EMF radiation, Shungite powder helps in psychic protection, purification and cleansing, as well as calming and relaxing, the silver fillings, has a useful antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial property acts as a strong purifier that reflects negativity from the wearer and boosts the quality of other gemstones. The black tourmaline present in it acts as a protection guard against the harmful radiations and environmental pollution. Galenite counters the EMF effects, increases the internal power and generates courage in difficult times. Rose quartz promotes nurturing by lowering stress and tensions. Kyanite traces present in it dissolves blockages, enhances communications, breaks self-destructive patterns, it overcomes a victim mentality and encourages self-reflection. Chrysocolla helps in detoxifying, balancing and calming. Amethyst promotes sobriety and increases concentration. Green Aventurine is considered as a stone of good luck and great opportunities which enhances and motivation

Silver is used as a part of purification rituals and a symbol of wealth and advantage for its healing-oriented energy. Many gemstone users use silver to amplify and enhance the quality of their gemstone. Thus due to the rejection of negative energies and acceptance of positive energies Shungite is said to calm, relax and energise anyone using or near it.

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