Blue Topaz happens in nature, yet is uncommon and quite often softly color. Most if not all blue Topaz utilized in adornments have been lighted and heat-rewarded to artificially make the blue color. The first stones are colorless or gently colored, and the radiation procedure gives them their profound sky-blue colors. In a couple of uncommon conditions, a few types of blue Topaz will in general marginally blur in the introduction to daylight after expanded time frames. 

Sky Blue Topaz 

Sky blue topaz’s reasonable, clean, and sensitive color is suggestive of the sky on a cloudless day. Sky blue is a most loved color for the individuals who love light colors and breezy spaces which makes this topaz a famous gemstone. 

Exchange names associated with blue topaz incorporate sky blue, swiss blue, and London Blue Topaz. These names allude to the color scope of the gemstone, with sky blue being the lightest in color and London blue the darker color. 

No ifs, and or buts, sky blue topaz is one of the most moderate of all gemstones in this day and age. Its pleasing, soul-lifting pastel blue color gives you the appearance of sea green/blue however with a progressively reasonable sticker price. 

Starting life as a colorless topaz, sky blue topaz is the aftereffect of the current innovation meeting Mother Nature. During the 1970s, diamond sellers discovered that they could treat white topaz by presenting it to radiation and afterward heat. What was initially a colorless diamond at that point turned the blue of sea green/blue. 

When blue topaz originally appeared available, the new inventive jewel was sold at rather steep costs. Luckily, as more vendors figured out how to create the color, creation extended and costs dropped to their reasonable levels today. 

One of the birthstones for December, sky blue topaz is said to help with one’s focus. When given as a gift, it represents everlasting love. It is likewise the commemoration pearl for the fourth year of marriage. 

While Brazil is the main hotspot for most topaz today, it is likewise found in Australia, China, Madagascar, Mexico, Burma, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the U.S., and Zimbabwe. 

Swiss Blue Topaz 

One of the prettiest and generally well known in the blue topaz family is Swiss Blue topaz. This is a famous family with three different shades of blue: Sky Blue, Swiss Blue, and London Blue topaz. 

Sky blue is a lot like sea green/blue in its color run. London blue is a darker blue tone and Swiss blue is the brilliant, electric, increasingly clear blue of the three. Blue topaz in each of the three colors comprises one of the most well-known gemstones. 

Swiss blue is an exceptional blue color go that is verily portrayed as clear, electric, or too blue. Probably the most distinctive shades of Swiss blue topaz can be compared to the rich colors of the Caribbean Ocean which are near the color of top Brazilian Paraíba tourmaline. Its no big surprise it is so popular; it is dazzling and moderate. 

Most Swiss blue topaz begins as white or colorless topaz from either Brazil or Sri Lanka. It is then lighted to initiate the serious, stable color places that give us that electric, clear blue color. Topaz is one of the hardest things to be equal. With a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, it takes a predominant clean and gives a beautiful brilliance.