Wet to dry hair straighteners look precisely like normal hair straighteners with the exception of their dry hair while fixing. Be that as it may, while they are called wet to dry straighteners, you can’t utilize them on dousing wet hair and need to towel-dry hair so it is delicately clammy first. 

The greatest difference between an ordinary straightener and a wet to dry form is that the last as a rule utilizes steam innovation to dry hair, wiping out abundant water. Steam is a decent method to dry out the hair as it doesn’t strip hair of dampness yet as with any hair apparatus, you should take care utilizing these as too high temperatures can in any case consume or harm hair. 

The wet to dry hair straighteners may appear to be identical however their innovation is different. The vast majority of them are made with a venting framework. This framework cautiously expels water from moist hair. That water is then changed over into steam and released back through the plates. This steam assists with drying and fix hair without harming it. 

With any warmed hair device, you should in any case play it safe. In this way, check the temperature you use is the correct one for your hair type. Keep the temperature low if you have fine or hair that is inclined to harm, tenderly raise the temperature for thicker and sound hair. Continuously utilize a great warmth securing splash on your hair before regulating any warmth. 

Prominent Features To Consider 

Here’s a rundown of highlights that are valuable on a wet to dry hair straightener: 

  • Temperature control
  • Extra-long cord
  • Auto-shutoff
  • Double voltage
  • LCD View

The Most Effective Method To Use It Safely 

  • Dry hair to 80% dry. 
  • Comb hair through utilizing a wide-tooth comb. 
  • Use heat security splash. 
  • Pick the correct temperature for your hair type. 
  • Point the vented openings from your scalp and hands, or you may consume yourself with steam. 
  • Try not to prop up over a similar segment of hair. This could harm it. 

These sorts of straighteners are difficult to use on the roots, so have a go at drying out the underlying foundations of your hair first utilizing a blow-dryer 

Which Hair Types Work Best? 

There is no specific hair type however size issues! If you have long, thick hair, you should attempt to purchase a wet to dry hair straightener with wide enough plates to adapt to the measure of hair you have. In this way, 1 or 1.5″ is really standard. For longer or thicker hair, attempt and find one with 2″ plates. The equivalent applies to short hair or fine hair. You don’t require wide plates, so decide on 0.5″ to 1″ wide plates. Titanium plates are better for longer, thicker hair as they adapt best to high warmth. 

Instructions to Protect Yourself From Hair Damage 

Any warmed hair device can harm hair if not utilized appropriately. Right off the bat, consistently read the guidelines. Each hair apparatus is different and has different strategies for use. At that point, ensure your hair isn’t splashing wet. Your hair should be around 80% dry before use. Take care to utilize a warmth securing splash before utilizing your wet to dry hair straightener and as referenced previously, utilize the right temperature for your hair type.