What Not to Do on Instagram

Instagram has become a rage for this generation and everyone is active on this platform, even celebrities are active on this platform specifically. But, I have seen many, many examples of things going wrong because of unrealistic expectations that people levy on themselves because of the things they see on Instagram. Just like there is light after dark and vice versa, everything has a positive as well as negative side, similarly there are somethings that create a lasting impression on people’s minds when they are an Instagram user. There are some things that should not be done while scrolling through the social media giant

1. Create unrealistic expectations- Instagram is a place for people from different stratas of society, they post about their achievements, professional experiences and everything positive, no one posts about their struggles or failures, so just by looking at their success it is very unfair to judge your own life because you don’t know that where they come from. Instead, be happy and thankful to god for what you have got.

2. Follow the lives of influencers- Many influencers do things to engage their audience and create consumable content just for their followers, so following their lifestyle is not advisable because more or less their generic lifestyle is similar to ours. For example: I have seen instagram famous people post about facing their fears of height by doing adventure sports ,etc. If you do not feel comfortable in doing so, it is completely fine to not to attempt such things,in fact, if you feel like that your fears and anxieties are something you don’t wish to share, it is absolutely your choice, following a role model unwillingly will only make you uncomfortable in your own mindset.

3. Follow unrealistic diets- There are many people who follow diets to keep themselves healthy. Also, they share their journeys while following their diets. But, it is a proven fact that everyone’s body is different and everyone requires a different type of diet according to their respective nutritional requirements.

4. Pass unsolicited advice and comments- As an individual, everyone has the right to post anything they want to on their social media accounts, so, passing unsolicited advice and comments, which is more or less a form of bullying is simply not acceptable. It is better to unfollow a person if you feel that person has hurt your sentiments in any way.

5. Share your personal details: Instagram is a place where unknown people can contact you and reach you, so it is rather better to not to share your personal details as it can prove to be unnerving and fatal. For example, sharing your phone number or your address can be dangerous as people who are harmful can use this information against you.

Instagram is a place to post pictures, write amazing captions( Read More) and rendezvous with your friends and family. It is a place to see good things and know where help is needed( I helped a man by giving him money for his daughter’s operation; he posted a plea for help on an Instagram post)