Internet is a funny place isn’t it? I mean it such a versatile platform for anyone and everyone..I mean, it is a place from where some people get a lot and on the other hand..loose a lot too!

I agree that Internet is a place which has a lot of things that are not meant to be there..but also, Internet has helped us in a lot of ways, it is helpful to us.

1) It helps in procuring complex information: Sometimes, some information is required that is not available easily around you..internet comes to the rescue in these situations…surely, we can get a lot of information from only the internet and nowhere else.
2) Instant payments: Sometimes there are situations wherein there is no loquid money available..I mean, in case your forget your wallet or ypu get robbed or you don’t have such situations e wallets like Google Pay are very useful..infact, if you wish to pay someone sitting far away and banks are not in any close proximity, e wallets and mobile banking come in handy
3) Location search: Internet has been a savior in this situation..through extensive satellites, locating a new place and reaching to a required destination has become very easy now. .with the help of this application of internet, I have put myself out of several sticky situations wherein I was about to get lost.
4) Several DIYs: Earlier, depending upon other people to get your work was something very natural, but several DIYs (Do It Yourself) videos and information helps me do things my way..for instance, I saw a DIY of best way to store comics..also, I saw a tutorial on how to do my own makeup and there are several more things you can find on the internet as it is a whirlwind place.
5) Entertainment: Internet provides you with several ways to entertain yourself or to keep you busy..for example, you can watch movies on Netflix or you can watch funny videos or you can listen to songs(that too..for free!).
6) Communication: Several applications that use internet to operate provide us with a platform to communicate with our loved ones..that too the ones sitting far away from us..we can video chat with our loved ones or talk on instant messaging services like Whatsapp.
7) Knowing about your loved ones: Internet also acts like that aunt in your neighborhood who knows everything about you and well, all the people of the society..that aunt is social media..just the difference is that the information this aunt has, is voluntarily given by you.
8) Online dating: Nowadays, meeting your soulmates can be just a click away! You only have to download the particular internet application which offers dating platforms..and trust me, there have been cases that people have met online and fallen in love! In fact, i have witnessed many people marrying the people they met online. One thing is for sure, internet has made dating easier-a tad bit though!
The list of the perks of internet goes on and is a useful tool for everyone, ranging from an old aged adult to a toddler going to school.. moreover it has taken over the world by now..with a storm and wherever you go, internet follows you.