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I have always been interested in traveling and explou\ring the world. I have gone to 33 countries in the world to date and I think I can offer my opinions on the real expenses that happen in traveling. Contrary to popular belief, traveling is not so expensive. When you plan and execute your travels in a precise manner, you can save a lot of travel expenses.

In this article, I have covered some of the fundamentals of cheap traveling that will help you understand how it is possible to explore the world without breaking your bank.

1. Plan your travels in advance

Unplanned journeys are amazing but planned travels help you save money. From cheap flight tickets to budget-friendly hotel rooms, planning your journeys can save your hard-earned money. Start your travel planning at least three days before the day of travel. If possible, plan it one week in advance. If you travel via flight, you can get cheap tickers when you book at least a month in advance. 

2. Research on the destination

One of the smartest ways to travel is to learn everything about the destination well in advance. From maps to tour guides and more, learn all of these to make your travel hassle-free and convenient. There is so much information on the internet that you can practically learn everything about a city, country, or continent from your home. Websites like canadagreencardinfo.com make it so easy for people to learn about the destination before they actually go and visit it.

3. Reach out to other travelers

There are many travelers in the world who are constantly on the move. Reach out to them through various online means and get some tips, advice and suggestions for places to stay. Heck, you can even find hosts who will be ready to have you live for free at their homes. There are so many options that can be explored when you connect with other travelers from around the world.

4. Hitchhike

This is one of the old school ways of traveling that still works. All you need to make this work is a lot of patience and good communication skills. When you are presentable and talk well, you will find people ready to give you free rides anywhere in the world. However, you have to be cautious when hitchhiking. There have been instances where people have been killed or looted when they trusted strangers. Make sure to hitchhike only during the day. This is a much safer option.