New year resolutions are of course meant to be broken, people make resolution on the very first day of the year, but fail to keep the resolution beyond a week or a month, tops. I mean I know that it is a little difficult to maintain a routine of things that you have started afresh, but trying never harms anyone..there are definitely some things that can be done by investing only half an hour in a day(without investing too much of money too)

1) Meditate: Make a promise to keep calm in situations that need you to have a calm mind.. meditation can be very useful as it makes you a more patient and positive person. This resolution is something that needs only your time and patience..and nothing else!
2) Spare time: In the rush to make ends meet, people usually forget to take care of themselves..generally people who work in an office or handle all the household chores, forget about their own needs and put their loved one’s lives before them..which is not bad, but sometimes you need to take care of yourself too. Making some time for yourself, wherein you do nothing but spend time in your own company by watching TV or doing something you love should be an absolute regular habit.This resolution might help you a big deal in loving yourself and would improve the relationship of you with your body and will only cost you time and nothing else(that’s the least you can do for yourself)
3) Exercise: Keeping your body active and fresh is something that is absolutely mandatory, especially due to current times wherein we eat whatever we want and do whatever we like..from the oxygen we intake to the food we eat . everything is to wash out the toxins we intake daily, exercising is an absolute must.. exercising doesn’t necessarily mean sweating out and tiring yourself at the means that you should at least devote 30 minutes of your daily routine just to do something for the benefit of your body alone. Exercising can cost nothing at all, but not exercising can cost you your health and fitness.
4) Learning something new: Having a hectic schedule through and through is a given in our daily lives.. everyone is in a hurry to live their it a student studying at schools and it a professional doing their job or be it a person carrying out household one has a lot of time to spare..but learning something new is a task that should necessary be done in order to inculcate a fresh perspective for life..for instance you can learn how to ride a penny much do penny boards cost you ask? The money is nominal but the fun it brings is absolutely priceless! Or you can learn how to ride a bike..costs nothing but you would learn how to use a two wheeler..or you can learn pottery, it’s cost is minimum but it is very satisfying to do it..or you can learn how to do doesn’t cost much but in the process you can spend time with your loved ones and it is a really enjoyable activity. Anyway, the amount of things you can do had no limit at can learn something new every two order to indulge yourself in an enjoyable activity.
5) Chase your hobby– You might be having things that you love to do..but don’t get the time to take some time out for that dance class..or the music lessons or the painting will surely not run out of money, but also you will feel free from the boundaries that stopped you from doing what you like or love to do.
It might seem difficult to follow and abide by these resolutions, but trust me…these resolutions will surely make you feel excited and elated about life and it’s happenings. These resolutions might make you fall in love with the most important person of your presence..YOU!