Social media is now the major factor that can help people in growing their business and get a higher rank in Google SERPs. More the social media sharing, the higher you will be shown in Google results. Google now prefers the websites or businesses that have more social shares as they seem to be more genuine and free from malpractices.

Every organization is now hiring experts who are good with social media just to increase their visibility on google and to grab more audience on social media. Nowadays it is easy to trend on social media if you are able to create impressive content with high-quality graphics, relevant hashtags, and interesting descriptions. If you are able to deliver all those things with every single post, you can ensure the success of your business. 

That is why social media utilization is very important for every business. But do you know what applications you should be using for that? Well, we have here some of the best social media-based applications that are most favorable for any sort of business.


Facebook offers a variety of features and many ways to promote your product through its official website or mobile-based application. You can divert your Facebook audience to your website or anywhere else where you want them to go and view your blog, videos, or list of products or services. Communicating with people is very easy on Facebook and most people use Facebook so there are more chances that your product gets the limelight.


Instagram was basically made to share pictures initially but now it has emerged as one of the biggest shopping portals for people worldwide. This is why all online businesses are now taking advantage of the large reach of this platform. You can use the relevant hashtags, location, and region and add them to your description or your product to get a wider reach. Instagram promotion works with the budget of Facebook and it gives you more results as compared to Facebook. Additionally, there are more chances that you will get more followers here as compared to any other social media application.


Pinterest is basically used by everyone to share images with a short description of the image. Here you will get a more organic reach for your image and you can link your original website with the image to get more unique visitors. Downloading and saving images here is also very easy and you can also use the Pinterest Downloader to download any kind of pins or boards. Pinterest does not have any paid campaign option, so all you get here is organic reach.


Quora is a very easy-to-use platform, here you have to ask questions and answer questions of different users.  Make sure you are asking questions and answering questions of your niche so that you can somehow be able to insert links and keywords related to your niche. You can additionally create backlinks to your website here and if you are able to grab an audience here, you will get more unique visitors every day on your website.


LinkedIn is very useful for very companies as you can hire fresh talent, make use of the hashtags to trend, and post images with the links to get more visibility. LinkedIn marketing is one of the major things that is very trending right now. LinkedIn is not only for jobs but you can share details about your products and services here and create paid campaigns to drive more users to your website.