Very often you might have heard of people getting lucky and found a jackpot or getting lucky to escape a fatal injury. The word ‘Luck’ is heard a lot in our day to day life. But have you ever thought whether there is anything as such ‘Luck’? Does ‘Luck’ really exist in this real world or, everything that happens to you or around you is just a coincidence? In this article, I will focus on some aspects of ‘Luck’ that will enlighten the assumption about ‘Luck’ that you have in your mind.

In this world, there are two types of people – one is those who believe in ‘Luck’ and the other type are those who believe in ‘Karma’. People who believe in luck relate everything that happens to them with their luck. If something good happens, they will consider themselves lucky or if something good happens to others, they will say that the person’s luck is in his favour. And, if something bad happens then they will start cursing their luck. They rarely relate the success of themselves or others with the hard work and dedication that has been endured to achieve success. The other class of people never believe in the existence of anything called ‘Luck’. They solely believe that peoples’ actions decide their fate. They believe that your hard work and efforts will define the level of success in your life, and your wrongdoings or evil actions will decide the level of your sufferings.

If you ask me, I would say that Karma decides your fate but you should also have a bit of luck in your favour. For instance, to win a lottery you have to do karma, in other words, you have to buy a ticket first and then hopefully wait for your fate to get lucky enough to win the lottery. Luck and Karma are interrelated. You cannot win a lottery without buying a ticket, you have to do the action of buying the ticket first and then you can depend on your luck for the result of your action.

Here, I will give one example of one of my friends. He won a jackpot in an online game called ‘Wheel of Fortune’. He had been playing this game for ages and trying his luck. But, he never got lucky enough to win. But one day, he researched the internet thoroughly and found a website that provides wheel of fortune game answers. He conceded the information and tried his luck in the game. And, you will be surprised to know that he actually won a jackpot after that. His luck favoured him that day and he was asked for the same wheel of fortune game answers that the website provided him. 

From this incident, you can learn how your actions and luck together can harness your fortune. My friend did his ‘Karma’ and gave efforts to research the internet, and the result was that he won. But here, his luck also favoured him, as he was asked for the same answers that he found on the internet.