Nate and Noah are brothers, they are twins- handsome, smart and outgoing..these two boys are twenty seven years old..both of them were lady’s favorites.

Nate: Dude, you need a haircut.

Noah: I know man, I badly need one..I need to get a pedicure feet are killing me.

Nate: Yes..let’s get them done..I need a full beauty treatment.

Noah: Isn’t that expensive?

Nate: Yes, you might be right. But what to do then?

Noah: Let’s look for some peeling solutions.

Nate: Okay, let’s do it.

Noah: I have found this peeling solution.

Nate: But aren’t peeling solutions banned in Australia?

Noah: Huh? Well, well, well..look who’s Mr. Informative now! Anyway, is it really? I had no idea..why is it banned though?

Nate: Actually mostly skincare products contain a lot of chemicals, especially in peeling has a high concentration of glycolic acid..according to research, glycolic acid makes the skin extremely sensitive to sun.

Noah: Alright..but I see that the Ordinary peeling solution Australia is available.

Nate: Let’s see some information about says that the product offers a very deep exfoliation and a rather less impact of glycols on the skin. The average concentration of 32% AHA is reduced to 30% , which is a significant amount…but, the label clearly suggests cleansing the face before and after the usage of the product is ESSENTIAL. In the case of wrong application or the user has not followed the prescribed method for the might lose it’s quality of being called healthy for the skin.

Noah: Oh, really? How should it be used exactly then?

Nate: First of all, the peeling solution should rather be used by someone who does not have extra sensitive skin..even if people with sensitive skin use it, it should be prescribed by a dermatologist..anyway, it should be used when the skin is dry..I mean wash your face first and then take 5-7 minutes to dry the skin(the chemical can superpose with water and corrode the skin..that is why it should not be used on wet skin) . It should not be left on for more than ten minutes..and after you remove the peel completely, you need to wash your face thoroughly. Usually after the peeling process, the skin becomes sensitive towards the Ultra violet (UV) rays of the sun, so application of sunscreen becomes important (lesser concentration- spread it evenly- the areas where product has been applied)

Noah: Hey! I’ve heard that people remain indoors when they use these peeling solutions..isn’t it?

Nate: Yes, it is the case usually, but the sunscreen will also help you significantly reduce the effect of UV rays coming in contact with glycolic acid on the skin.

Noah: And can we use it daily? I mean, I want my glowy skin as soon as possible, you know.

Nate: No, not at must use this peeling solution at least twice a week..mostly to maintain the peeling regularity. Moreover, whenever it comes to a beauty regimen, you can never get results in a need to be really patient and let the products work their magic on you.

Noah: Okay, let’s work on ourselves and get our magic on!

Nate(laughs hysterically): Dude! You’re such a drama!