Branding is one of the essential things to do for a company. There are many advisors who come up with various tips and techniques for branding. However, most of them miss out on one simple thing – the name of the brand.

Sometimes it is the simplest things in a business that has the biggest impacts. Naming your brand might be a simple thing, but it may cost you massively when you do it wrong. When you do it right, it might just be the only thing that could take your business to the heights. 

One of the easiest and effective ways to make your brand name popular is to use a name that everybody already knows about. Pick a thing that everyone sees in their everyday life. Name your brand after things that are visible to people without you having to show them all the time. Pick up names from natural objects. 

Skybags is one of the most successful brands in the world. It has used the word “sky” in its brand name. There are a lot more examples like this where businesses have used such common names and branded their products successfully. 

Let me illustrate an example for you.

Let’s take the example of a company that wants to name its brand with a flower name.

When we talk about flowers, the first image that comes to the mind is that of a rose. It has been used in the marketing and branding strategy of companies. Having the name “Rose” in your brand is one of the easiest ways to capture the attention of the audience or consumer. People love roses and when a brand has the name “rose”, it simply catches people’s attention. Marketers use this technique to gather more customers. 

There are many different products which have been named around this flower. There are crystals that have been named with “rose”. One of the most beautiful among these is the rose aura quartz. It has a beautiful red color on its surface. Manufacturers of this quartz have named it rose aura quartz to capture the attention of buyers instantly. Crystal enthusiasts love this type of quartz and they are ready to pay the price to have it in their homes whenever they get a chance.

There are many more examples like these where manufacturers and producers have used the name of this flower to brand their product. This is one of the most useful tactics of branding and marketing today. Naming a brand after something so generic and tangible makes it easy for customers to remember. This is all that is needed to grow the brand and expand. 

It is said that your brand name should be seen at least seven times for people to remember it. But, when you have a brand name that is seen by people in their daily lives, your branding happens effortlessly. You don’t have to worry about the “Rule of Seven” in such a case.