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A Deep Dive into Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) for WordPress

When it comes to enhancing the flexibility and functionality of WordPress, few tools hold as much promise as Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). It’s the bridge between the layman’s simplicity and the developer’s sophistication, allowing for intricate customizations without diving deep into code. If you’re curious about pushing the boundaries of your WordPress experience, then you’re in the right place. Before we journey further, for a hands-on experience, you might want to “Visit tool” firsthand. With that said, let’s plunge into the realm of ACF and its myriad possibilities.

1. Understanding Advanced Custom Fields

The crux of ACF: Think of it as a toolset that lets you add, well, custom fields to your WordPress post types.

  • Tip: Custom fields can range from simple text boxes to date pickers, image uploads, and more.
  • Trick: ACF allows you to seamlessly integrate these fields into your posts, ensuring they align with your content’s intent.

2. Why Use ACF? The Advantages Laid Bare

With ACF, you aren’t just adding fields; you’re transforming your content strategy.

  • Tip: Custom fields mean content tailored to your needs. Whether it’s adding specific metadata or enhancing visuals, ACF offers the tools.
  • Trick: Its compatibility with popular page builders like Elementor or Beaver Builder makes designing with ACF a breeze.

3. The Potential Use Cases: ACF in Action

From e-commerce sites to digital portfolios, ACF’s applications are vast and varied.

  • Tip: For online stores, ACF can help highlight specific product attributes, from dimensions to user reviews.
  • Trick: Digital agencies can use ACF to showcase client testimonials, case studies, or even accolades in a structured manner.

4. Setting Up ACF: A Step-by-Step Guide

To “Visit tool” is the beginning. Understanding its nuances ensures you reap maximum benefits.

  • Tip: Installing ACF is akin to any other plugin. Navigate to ‘Plugins’, click ‘Add New’, search for ACF, and activate.
  • Trick: Post-activation, the ‘Custom Fields’ option appears on your dashboard. That’s your playground to create and manage fields.

5. Best Practices: Making the Most of ACF

Diving deep requires more than just enthusiasm; it demands expertise.

  • Tip: Ensure your theme is ACF-compatible. Most modern themes are, but it’s always wise to double-check.
  • Trick: Use the ACF documentation. It’s a treasure trove of guidelines and tutorials, ensuring you harness the tool’s full potential.

6. A Word of Caution: Potential Challenges

ACF is robust, but like any tool, it comes with its set of challenges.

  • Tip: Be wary of over-customizing, as it can complicate content management down the line.
  • Trick: Keep ACF updated. As WordPress evolves, ensuring ACF’s compatibility is crucial to prevent conflicts.

The digital realm is one of unending exploration. Tools like Advanced Custom Fields are like compasses, guiding us to uncharted territories, ensuring we harness WordPress’s full potential. And while a mere “Visit tool” might seem like a small step, in the context of ACF, it’s a leap into a world of possibilities. Armed with knowledge and insight, there’s no limit to what one can achieve.

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Why does the quality get so bad when I post on Instagram?

I love Instagram. I’ve been on there since the beginning, and I can’t get enough of it. The community is awesome and the photos are amazing. However, when I upload a photo to my feed lately it looks terrible! The quality is bad, it’s blurry or pixelated -all kinds of things wrong with it. So what gives? Why does this happen? We’ll get into that in a bit…but first let me show you how to fix your own photos so they look great on Instagram again:

Because your photos are huge files.

It’s simple: large file sizes are bad.

Large images take a long time to download, and they’re not good for your users. They’ll have to wait longer before they can see your content, which will frustrate them and make them less likely to come back (and maybe even tell their friends). This is why sites like Facebook compress photos before they upload them—to keep you from having a bad experience on the platform.

If your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices, then it could be unresponsive or slow down when you try to view it on a phone or tablet—which makes people frustrated and less likely to stick around!

Instagram requires you to have a photo less than 8MB.

You can upload photos up to 8MB on Instagram.

If your photo is larger than 8MB, Instagram will resize it for you, but this solution doesn’t always work.

If a photo is too big and needs resizing, Instagram will reject it with an error message. The only way around this is to use Image Compressor (available here) which can reduce images by more than 50%.

If you don’t compress your images you won’t be able to post.

If you don’t compress your images, then you won’t be able to post them on Instagram. Additionally, the image quality will be so bad that no one will be able to see your photos and interact with them in any way.

If this happens, it’s likely that you’ll receive an error message saying “The photo has too many pixels.” If this happens, there are two ways around it:

  • Compress the image before uploading (this is what we recommend)
  • Enable size filters when posting

Instagram will resize your image for you, but that won’t help if it’s too big.

Instagram will resize your image for you, but that won’t help if it’s too big. If you don’t compress your images you won’t be able to post.

If you’ve got a huge file size and want to save some space on your phone, there are plenty of ways to do so. For example, using an app like Snapseed or Lightroom Mobile (iOS only) can help reduce file sizes without losing much quality. You could also try compressing the image manually in an application like Photoshop CC or Pixelmator by reducing its resolution relative to its dimensions (for example, maintaining a large image at 100% zoom with a smaller canvas). This can significantly cut down on file size while retaining good visual quality; however this method is more time-consuming than automation and doesn’t always work well with every photo edit tool since not all applications support changing resolution settings independently from other parameters such as contrast or color balance


If you follow these steps, your photos should look great on Instagram. Now that we’ve covered what happens during the upload process, it’s time to move on and talk about how to fix quality issues once they occur! Check this link Visit image compressor for 50kb.

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How do I make a PDF better quality?

Do you have a PDF to share with your friends and family? If you do, then there’s no doubt they’re going to ask you, “What are the steps to making this PDF better quality?” It’s easy!

Click the “Select file” button to upload the PDF from your PC.

  • Click the “Select file” button to upload the PDF from your computer.
  • You can also drag and drop the PDF into the box, or use other methods such as “Save As…” or “Download…” to move it onto your PC.
  • Press Compress!
  • After processing you will get screen with url links of compressed pdfs; simply right click on these links and save them to your computer or hard drive (you may need an app like 7-Zip or WinRAR if they are compressed). The pdf will be compressed to small size so you can share it with other people easily!

You can also drag and drop the file into the box.

You can also drag and drop the file into the box. It’s as simple as that!

In addition to using the “Select file” button, you can simply click on the icon below to upload your PDF via Google Drive:

After processing, you will be presented with a screen full of compressed links for your PDFs. You can save these directly from here or open them in Google Drive where they are available for download immediately as new files.

Next, press the “Compress” button.

Press the Compress button to compress your PDF.

If you want to tweak compression settings, click on the dropdown menu next to Compress and choose from one of these options:

  • High Quality (smallest file size) – Recommended for text-only documents with lots of white space and simple images.
  • Standard Quality (medium file size) – Recommended for most PDFs that need some image compression but don’t have too many images or charts/tables/etc., where using Standard will make them look pretty good anyway. This setting is also great if you have one really big graphic or table that would otherwise use up a lot of space while still being visible in its original form (e.g., a screenshot).
  • Minimum Size (largest file size) – Recommended only when you’re optimizing an already-optimized document because Minimum will likely end up distorting images more than any other setting will, resulting in an illegible result!

After processing, you will get screen with url links of compressed PDFs.

After processing, you will get screen with url links of compressed PDFs. The compressed files are available for download and you can save them to your computer or hard drive. You can also share them with others by sending them the link.

Simply right click on these links and save them to your computer or hard drive.

Once you’ve downloaded the PDFs, there are a few ways you can use them.

  • You can save the compressed PDFs to your computer or hard drive. This will keep them in their original format and size, but it’ll also make them take up more space on your hard drive. If this is something you’re concerned about, consider saving the file as a .zip folder instead of just .pdf–this will cut down on some extra space.
  • You can save them to a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox (if they’re stored in the cloud, they don’t take up any room at all).
  • If someone emails you an attachment that’s too big for your inbox (or if it comes in multiple parts), try forwarding those attachments straight into OneDrive so they don’t have to be downloaded again by anyone else who gets sent those same files later down the line!
  • Finally, if someone sends out printed copies of their newsletter via snail mail or hand delivery with no electronic copy attached then simply print off each issue individually and scan them onto your own computer before sending off one copy per issue back out again via email (you could even attach each page individually if necessary).

Compress your PDF at! It’s free!

One way you can improve the quality of your PDFs is by compressing them. To do this, you’ll want to visit, which offers free compression software that’s easy to use. By clicking on their “Free Trial” button, you can download the software and get started right away! It’s a great way for anyone who wants to take advantage of the benefits of compressed PDFs without spending any money at all (or even creating an account).


We hope you’ve found this article useful and are now confident in compressing your PDF documents. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us here at!


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How To Use Imgur For Uploading Pictures

Imgur is a very famous image sharing platform which is one of the most used platforms among Americans to share memes and other interesting images and connect with people online on Imgur you will find a lot of images that are already getting viral on Reddit and now on other social media platforms as well. But the Imgur Downloader makes it easier for the people here to download any image without any difficulty. There are so many interesting features of this platform but majorly it is used to create memes only. Apart from that you can edit your memes, create a GIF and interact with thousands of photographers here.

Now if youtube is downloading images from Imgur it means you can upload those memes and images as well. Now for uploading your images you need to create an account first and then you can upload any image you want that goes under the community guidelines. There are no specific things required to upload pictures here and you can do it from anywhere in the world quite easily. But even though it is very easy to use, some people who are newly introduced to this platform find it quite challenging to upload pictures. For those people, we have a list of options that could be helpful for them to upload pictures effortlessly from anywhere. Now here are some of the ways by which you can upload your pictures.

How To Upload Pictures?

From Computer
  • Snap-on the “browse” button and pick the file(s) from your computer 
  • Intuitive the image records from your computer to the upload region box which appears as spring up when you first snap on the green upload button. 
  • You can likewise make collections and add images uploaded to them using the main dashboard window. To make a collection, click on the “All Images” button and choosing “New Album.” 
  • To add images to the collection, pick the collection you made from the All Images drop-down menu and afterward click on the Add Images link underneath it and snap on the images you need to add. 
From Email 

If you verify your email address for your record, you can send images for upload straightforwardly from your email. 

  • To verify your email, go to “Settings” in your client profile and pick “Upload by Email.” 
  • Enter your email address in the field gave and hit “Submit.” 
  • Respond to the activation link that is shipped off your email address. 
  • Once your email is verified, you can email [email protected] and join the images to your email. 
  • Images can be in ZIP or RAR designs, as well as common image record designs like JPG, GIF, and PNG. 
From Application 

The means beneath are something very similar for Android and iOS gadgets. 

  • At the lower part of your screen, you will see a camera icon. Tap the icon. 
  • Whenever you initially do this, you will be asked to “Permit Imgur to get to photographs, media, and records on your gadget?” Click on “Permit.” 
  • The images on your gadget’s exhibition will appear, or you can utilize your camera to take new images to upload. Tap on every one of the ones you need to upload and afterward click on the green “Next”. 
  • You should give your images a post title if you are posting them freely. 
  • At the point when you are done, hit the “Post” button in the upper right corner. If you need the images to be private, the button will say “Upload” instead.
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Major Features And Benefits Of Using Raw Shorts

RawShorts is an online animated video software application, allowing you to make videos for a wide scope of industries and motives. For instance, you can make an animated explainer video, a marketing video, or a training video, without having to pay for an arrangement. To know more, peruse the Raw Shorts Review to have more profound information. 

RawShorts Features 

Loads of Templates 

There are many instant layouts available and isolated by different categories. RawShorts advantage over its competitors is focusing on the creation of professional videos with little or no artistic ability. 

It’s easy to utilize, practically complete formats permit you to make videos in a minimal measure of time. You should simply include your own content, branding audio, and visual components and you would have your own personalized video, prepared for exporting. 

Heaps of Objects 

RawShortscarry a wide scope of articles that are available to be utilized in any video creation. These items are in the thousands and reach from outlines, individuals, and view, and can be added consistently to any format. Amazingly, all these additional articles available on the RawShorts application, as of now have built-in animation. 

Intuitive Capability 

Customizing videos are incredibly simple and easy with the RawShorts intuitive device, allowing articles, people, and soundbites to be moved around anyplace, in any format. First, you would need to decide what you need to put on the layout, drag it onto the format by holding down the mouse, set it where you need it, and afterward let go of the mouse. This intuitive component takes only seconds to finish. 

Hire Talent 

No time to make your video. Fortunately, RawShorts has skilled faculty you can hire to completely customize the video you need. Voice ability work force and content makers are readily available to assist, make, or complete any video for you, which is one of RawShorts numerous techniques for making their clients happier. 


Raw shorts accompany three sorts of plans: Starter Free Trial, Essential ($39/month), and Business ($59/month). Peruse more to think about the pricing structure of the application here: 

  • Starter free trial: 

Starter free trial is a free trial pack in which you can get 5 non-premium export apparatuses. It likewise offers 480p of the resolution, standard video design (16:9). The free trial accompanies the watermark and outro. 

  • Essential $39/month: 

This arrangement h accompanies services like 25 premium exports a month. It additionally offers a resolution of 1080p, social video, and third-party move rights. Alongside these features, the application additionally provides 10 licensed video clips a month. 

  • Business $59/month: 

This is a serious pack that accompanies the best features of this application. It includes 50 premium exports a month, 1080p of the resolution, social video, third-party move rights, and 20 licensed video clips a month. 

A Few Drawbacks 

  • Cloud interface may ease back advancement because of internet speed issues 
  • No downloadable software implies the internet is constantly required 
  • DIY options are to some degree limited contrasted with competitors 

Is RawShorts Safe? 

Luckily, RawShorts is safe for usage. This application is cloud-based so there is no risk of downloading and installing infected software. You would be required to have internet connectivity to utilize the application however it can be gotten to from any PC, anyplace on the planet.

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