Mutual funds are one of the simplest and most widely used investment schemes today. The simple investment process makes it one of the best investment source. When planning for an investment in Mutual Funds, you might want to know the exact value of the invested capital. This is where tools like SIP investment calculator comes to your help.

The SIP or Systematic Investment Plan offers you the convenience of investing in the best investment strategy. It lets you invest small amounts on a regular basis over a period of time. This calculator helps in calculating the value of investments after a certain period of time. It helps you in taking a decision that can bring you the desired profits. This calculator provides various other benefits and here are some of them:

  1. It computes the exact amount of investment:

It helps in estimating the worth that will be generated at the time of maturity of an SIP mutual fund investment. The accuracy of this calculation can be easily approved since it passes through all important parameters for determining this value. The calculator is designed after examining parameters like Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return and Inflation Rate. This makes it possible to generate the accurate values of the invested amount.

  1. It determines the monthly payable amount:

Deciding the amount to be invested to get the desired returns can be sometimes really difficult. Using this calculator you can easily figure out the exact sum of money that you need to put in to meet your financial goals.

  1. Ease of use:

This tool is very helpful for investors who do not have proper knowledge of finance-related terminologies. It can help them to make their financial plannings. The user-friendly interface of the tool makes it usable even for a layman. Filling up the required fields like monthly amount payable, tenure of investment and expected rate of return immediately generates the estimated worth of invested amount.

  1. It is suitable for any type of investment:

This calculator can be used for online as well as offline mutual fund investments. This can help the investor in taking a decision according to his/her evaluation and strategy.

  1. It speeds up the planning process:

Using this calculator you can calculate the definite results of investment. This makes the planning process more effective. You won’t have to spend your time on research and analysis. You can very easily calculate your returns and make comparisons before taking your decision.


The SIP investment calculator can really guide you in taking the correct decision for your SIP investment and help you in the process of investment planning for your future. The benefits from SIP investments are immense and the calculator just makes it easier to measure them. Using this calculator you can create an effective plan for your future investments that can help you achieve all your financial goals.

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