How To Get A More Masculine Jawline

Some of the features and faces are more appealing and sexy. There are some of them. But a powerful, defined and chiseled jawline is a large facial feature which determines the appeal of males. With a defined and chiseled jawline, not only do you look more scientifically attractive, but you look younger and shave years off your appearance and make you look thinner in general. A strong and sharp jawline personifies manhood and flatters every face.

It has been demonstrated that males with more severe jawline are sexually appealing for females because the bigger jaw and a clearer jawline are signs of testosterone. Women are attracted to the masculine hormone delivered by a specified jawline deliberately and unintentionally.

Not all males have a sharp, defined, developed and powerful jawline in their traits. This does not mean, however, that it can not be achieved. And we’re not discussing expensive botox or any other expensive facial operation. We talk about a few easy training that can be done anywhere. You need to practice the respective muscles, like any other muscle in the body, to be described and spelled.

Like every other muscle, there are drills and advice you can do to get this appealing male jawline. We will see here How To Get A Jawline For Males

  • Try to incorporate many facial expressions during conversation. Your face is surrounded by numerous muscles. The more you use them, the bigger they become, like any other muscle. Also, your skin loses elasticity as you mature and tightens the skin and muscle when you use your neck muscles.
  • Secondly, periodic practice is the function of the jaw outside facial movements and phrases. By maintaining a good weight and having little or nothing surplus fat, less fat and a more established jaw are kept on your face. It is certainly difficult to visualize this jawline if it is coated with fat.
  • The second part is accompanied by the third tip. And it’s a good diet to consume. A good diet also helps to achieve a good bodyweight that is minimal in fat and helps thin your face and create a way for a specified jaw. 
  • In connection with the third point above, with a good diet plan, you need some kind of physical training in your routine to burn up more calories every day. The more calories you burn the more fat from your body gets used up and at last, you will get a more sharp look and charm on your face.
  • Invest in a healthy skincare product such as a moisturizer. While spending cash on moisturizer can seem superficial, getting a nice lotion is essential to assist maintain your skin smooth. As you get older, your skin becomes more elastic, and it triggers your skin to wrinkle and shrink. Seek for moisturizers to maintain your jaw warm and not saggy.

Here are some basic tips based on scientifically proven methods to slim down your face and remove the layer of unwanted fat from your body. Include these tips an see the result after some time and do it on a regular basis to retain your sharp and chiseled jawline for a long time.

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What is a Virtual ID Number In Aadhar? How To Use It?

There are three methods mentioned over UIDAI’s website to download your aadhaar card digitally with the help of your aadhaar number, enrollment number and last, is your Virtual ID number. Aadhaar number is a 12 digit number printed on your aadhaar card, enrollment number is a 14 digit number given to you at the time of your aadhaar enrollment and Virtual ID is a 16 digit number generated online for downloading your aadhaar card. These three methods are fully operational and you can use any of these methods to download your aadhar card. Service of Aadhar Card Download in Hindi is also available on UIDAI’s website if you are not comfortable reading English or any other language.

The Unique Identification Authority Of India’s (UIDAI) virtual ID scheme enables consumers to produce a 16-digit amount that can be used with telecom businesses and other service suppliers to complete know-your-customer (e-KYC) formalities. Those who don’t want to share their original Aadhaar particulars with a service provider can use the virtual ID.

In the midst of concerns of theft of private information among individuals soon this year, UIDAI announced that VID will be functional from August along with facial recognition. These will tackle issues linked to Aadhaar’s privacy and authentication. Service providers not yet fully fitted to roll out VID were also given time by the Aadhaar body.

How can you use a Virtual ID number?

  • Basically, the virtual ID (VID) is a temporary and non-transferable 16-digit random number mapped with the Aadhaar number of a user. The VID can be used wherever e-KYC is needed in place of the Aadhaar number.
  • Using the UIDAI page or mobile app, VID can be obtained. You will need to feed your Aadhaar number on the official website of UIDAI to generate the VID and fill in the OTP to get the virtual identity.
  • A person can produce VID once a day and it does not have an expiry period. You can create as many VIDs as you want, but when a fresh one is created, the older IDs will be automatically discontinued.

Downloading your aadhaar card using the virtual id number is a very safe and very effective way as it can be regenerated many times which is a completely safe process. This service has been introduced by the government some time back and for some testing sessions the beta version of this facility was launched in the April month and now after all the testing, this method is now included in aadhar download option. You can choose this method if you are unable to use other options of aadhar number and enrolment number. Keep in mind that it can be generated once a day and after that, you can generate the new Virtual ID the next day. The Reserve Bank has also guided the banks to make use of the Virtual IDs rather then aadhar number to ensure more safety of individuals. This allows clients to choose whether to offer banks the Aadhaar Number or Virtual ID number.

If you are also looking to download your aadhaar card online try using this method for downloading your e aadhar online from the website.

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Plastic Aadhaar Card Not Valid?

The Unique Identification Authority Of India or the UIDAI said earlier and informed everyone that the plastic form of the aadhaar card is not usable form of aadhaar card as the printed QR code on the plastic becomes non functional after some time and it cannot be scanned properly which makes it a useless document and if your getting a photocopy of the same plastic proof the same thing applies with the photocopy as the QR code on the plastic was non functional or not readable and the copied version also becomes unreadable.

It is better to have a digital aadhar saved on your smartphone rather than a plastic aadhar card as the digital version is now counted as a legal documents and scanned copies of your digital aadhar are easily readable by the systems, QR code on your digital aadhar card is digitally approved by the UIDAI and if you are not aware of online services, you can visit the UIDAI’s official website for a better understanding and knowledge. 

E Aadhar download for the official website is a very easy and short process and it is recommended as it promotes the digital way and cuts down the use of paper. Use this environment-friendly technique and get you E aadhaar downloaded from the official website and use it everywhere you go. Downloaded versions of Aadhaar on ordinary paper or mAadhaar are perfectly valid, and people should not yearn for the so-called Aadhaar smart card because it may cause them to fall into the tactics of certain disreputable elements that print Aadhaar on plastic and charge between Rs.50 and Rs.300 or more.

UIDAI has warned illegal agencies not to collect Aadhaar data from the general public for the purposes of printing Aadhaar cards, such as collecting such information or unauthorized publishing of Aadhaar cards or assisting such persons in any way involves a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment under the Indian Penal Code and Aadhaar Act, 2016.

If you have a plastic laminated aadhar card with you, you must download and E aadhar online fro the UIDAI’s website as it may be possible that the printed QR code over your plastic aadhar is not working of it is dysfunctional. Why waste money when you have the facility to save your aadhar card for use on your mobile phone with 24*7 access within seconds, without searching for your plastic aadhaar card, this is a lot more simple process and mainly it is more eco-friendly process to have a digital copy of your aadhar card.

Protect yourself from fraud as well as you may not know someone might be misusing your information on aadhar card for some unlawful practices. It is better to take caution from your side and avoid these kinds of practices. Aadhar card in printed fro on paper and E aadhar card saved on your phone are equally valid everywhere and it serves the same purpose everywhere. Download it now from the UIDAI’s website and you can read some steps if you want on how to download your E aadhar online with some simple and effective methods.

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How Many Words You Need For An Article?

Article Writing or Blog Writing involves an active brain which can think of situations and make something interesting out of it. It is not an easy task at all. With the expansion of digital marketplace many people are taking their businesses online and selling their products and services online through their website or some selling platforms. With the expansion of digital world there is a high competition among all the business competitors to come on the top place in rankings.

Indexing yourself on Google and going up in the rankings of Google is only possible when you are doing the right SEO and before that you need some content to perform SEO. Content is called the king and that is the main reason behind viewership of any website. If you are not having enough content for you visitors then they will also not refer and so does the Google. Google wants authentic and unique content from you which can serve some purpose to the readers.

Articles can be of many types and it is divided into many categories and in every niche you need to write at least 500 words of article. You can see the websites which are ranking in the top has the best of content with more than 800 words per article and if you want to go up in the Google ranking you need to write more that your rivals and everything must be unique and written in your own words because that what Google prefers.

Generally a 500 word above article is enough to rank yourself in the rankings but you need to work really hard in writing that content by your own without copying anything from any other website.  Google can detect that you have copied some article from someone’s website or blog and it may levy a penalty on you for doing that. So it is better to do some research before writing some article and modify the content into your style and post it on your website.

Some people are really not able to write some articles because of time limitation or some other issues for people like them SEO resellers are available in the market which can provide you all the services for some amount. You can content them for content writing services or you ca contact them to perform SEO of your website. They have a dedicated team of worker working on these services and you will get the best and unique content from them. They will perform the research on your behalf and write the article as you say and it is totally according to your demand.  You can tell them to write as many words you want for your website.

Generally people who are new into this field do not now about these services which are present for their help. Many SEO resellers are there in the market but of you have no idea which one is good for you than I have a suggestion for you.

HULK SEOis a SEO reseller which is available on internet providing these services to everyone on a very reasonable cost. Even I tried there service and I must say they have a very fast service and a very quick response team for any of your query. You can try visiting this site if you are looking for some reseller services

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Quitting Full time Job For Digital Industry?

Are you also a working professional working from nine to five for someone and getting a fixed remuneration in return with no appreciation for your work? Well Most of the people are living this life only. What people believe is after studying and securing good marks with good practical knowledge you will get a good job which will pay you really well. Yeah it is true if you have the knowledge and you are skillful and you fulfill the job requirements you will get the desired job and a good paycheck every month from your employer. But this is what most of the people do even if they have the potential of working for themselves and create huge revenue for themselves not for their employer. Such people are just wasting their effort and time for living an ordinary life when they have the ability to make it an extraordinary life.

Most of the working professional are happy working for a fixed amount because they say they are getting fixed off with a fixed remuneration and there is no risk involved. They are afraid of starting something new which can benefit them in the future. Let me tell you there is a risk in everything even in you full time job there is a risk. What will you do if your employer suddenly say to you that we don’t feel the need of your work anymore. What if you are traveling to your workplace and dmet with an accident or some mishappening? You never know what is going to happen you are taking risk here as well so why don’t you take a risk while sitting at home and working for yourself?


I say stake a risk for once and start with something like start investing your money in an online marketplace. There can be many things in online marketplace but you can choose the simplest one and that is to buy a website from some online website selling portal and start working on it. Buy some website which is already making some income from other sources and work on it to grow its potential. Read market forums and apply all the tricks to make your website more popular and start selling some products or services to every one. Here you have no one to give you orders no bundations of time and work. You can work for yourself and i assure you that you will be making some good revenue after some time.


This business model is quite safe as you can earn income by doing nothing from google adsense and if you put your effort here than you can earn from many other sources and grow your own business. If you are planning to  quit your job or switching industry try investing here and buy yourself a website which can bring you lots in return.


If you have no idea from where you can buy website try this link and buy a website with reasonable price


It is a good move i say if you are switching your profile and moving to this digital industry as it will grow more in the coming years which can be beneficial for you if you start investing from today.

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Offline vs Online

One of the things that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is the use of the word online. It is used for almost everything that we know in the real world. From online dating to online gaming to online shopping and more, there is a version of almost all things online. This made me contemplate a little and come up with this article showing the details of the online world and the offline world and how you can balance both your online and offline activities and become more productive.

  1. Schedule your online activities

The thing about online activities is that it can be done anytime you want. This is the reason a lot of people waste a large chunk of their time in mindless online activities. When you plan your online activities, you do yourself a favour and use your online time in a productive manner. 

  1. Play offline games

By offline games, I don’t mean the games that you can play on your phone without an internet connection. By offline games, I mean the games that you play with your friends in real life. It could be indoor games or outdoor games. It is important to get involved in some sort of games every day so that your mind gets enough exercise and you feel good about yourself. In case, you want to know about mobile games you can play without internet, here is a website that lists such games. 

  1. Get more social

Social media has brought the world closer hypothetically. However, in reality, you can be social only when you go out and meet people. There can be no alternative to this even after a thousand years. This is how human beings were for a long time. There is a reason we call ourselves social animals. So, take the time to go out and meet the people who are important in your life and have a good time offline.

  1. Get some work done

Online income is hands down the best source of income in today’s world. While it may seem like an interesting world where you can work from anywhere with your laptop, it actually takes a lot of effort and consistency to grow a business online or to generate income through any online source. You have to make sure that you are spending time online every single day and doing the work for your online success.

I really hope you found this post useful and informative. Do you have any queries or suggestions related to this post? If you have any, feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. I will try and answer all your questions and take your feedback into consideration. Also, let me know if you want to find out more about the topic discussed in this article. I will be glad to share more insights with you.

To show your support, share this post with your friends on social media and elsewhere. Thank you very much for reading!

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How to write swag captions for Instagram

Instagram is the coolest social networking site to use today. It is a hub for social media moguls to reach out to their audience and grow their following. Whether you are a big organization or an everyday person, Instagram is pretty much used by you every single day. While using Instagram on a daily basis is great, knowing the best practices for getting success on Instagram is even better.

In this post, you are going to know about one tip that can make you successful on Instagram real quick. This tip is actually a basic one but not many users on Instagram are using it in the best way. I’m talking about writing good captions in your Instagram photos.

A lot of people find it difficult to write captions by themselves. Well, it’s actually not difficult. It just takes some time and creativity to come up with the perfect caption for your photos. Here are some of the things that could make it really easy for you to write interesting swag captions for Instagram and get more hearts.

  1. Be original

One of the things that I always tell people to do is to be original. There is no better way to express yourself than by being yourself. This is true for Instagram too. When you upload a photo on Instagram, think about the mood you had when that picture got clicked. Try to craft the perfect words that suit the mood you had at that moment.

  1. Be positive

If you really want to have unique and interesting captions for your photos, you got to have a positive attitude in general. What’s inside shows outside! Always remember this and you’ll find the right words to create an impactful caption for your photo.

  1. Get inspired

Another way to create good captions is to check the photos of people you follow on Instagram. See what kind of captions they use on their pictures. Get the inspiration from there and write your own swag captions for Instagram.

  1. Read more

The thing about captions is that they need to be something that holds the attention of anyone who reads them. You need to have a flair for words to actually craft the perfect caption for your selfies and other photos you want to get likes on. The good news is that you can actually develop your interest in creative writing and become a good caption writer. You can do this by reading more. Read more and write more. That’s the mantra.

  1. Just write what you feel

Sometimes it’s just okay to write what you feel without thinking of what others will feel or think about it. This is actually the strategy that worked for me. The best thing about this strategy is that it saves you a lot of time and mental energy. While it may not bring you likes all the time, it will make you someone who gives a damn about what others think and that for me is something really cool.

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Social Media – Share and Share Alike

If you happen to operate a business then you would like to speak and appeal to as wide an audience as you possibly can. This is very true if you are also a serial blogger. You need to encourage more page views and get folks talking about you or the products and services you offer: this applies whether you market through standard channels, do the social media, or utilize a mix of the two. In my case, I am involved with currency exchange business and I keep a close look for people looking for the highest valued currencies in the world. I do this by creating and sharing relevant posts on social media platforms which gets me the right audience.

The simplest way to get this message out there is by making use of social media sharing buttons. Sadly some individuals are actually daunted by the prospect of using these: they fear it is a complex business and the exclusive preserve of the tech-savvy. The point is actually there is really no need to be scared. It is pretty straightforward as long as you stick to certain ground rules.

In case you feel slightly out of your comfort zone, it is probably best to use a catchall service. These services are going to place a streamlined row of similar looking buttons on your site or blog. The beauty is the fact that there is a specific quantity of code that you will have to add and they do have a really neat appearance.

When there is a drawback it doesn’t have quite the same standalone impact of a separate Twitter or Facebook button. In a way, I suppose it is a tradeoff: if all you need is actually a functional set of buttons which are easily installed and have reasonable analytic functions then this is the choice for you. When you are looking for something much more, then it is not.

The next option is what you may possibly call a pick and mix service. In case you decide on the option, all you will download will be the share buttons for applications which are applicable to the company of yours. There is no point downloading buttons that will not be used, is there? Besides, these only clutter up the page unnecessarily.

Particular application buttons are going to cater for particular audiences, but generally Twitter and Facebook work well for basically all content types. LinkedIn is great for a professional appeal and Stumbleupon is actually best for social and casual audiences. I recently saw a post on LinkedIn which was about the highest valued currencies in the world. I took some effort to check the outreach of this post and I was surprised to see that it was doing really good. It was the placement of the CTA buttons along with the appealing content that made that post reach more and more people.

Finally, you have to determine where to place the buttons. They will have to be visible enough to stand out, but that does not mean they’ve to be large. There might be a consensus that big is actually best, but that is not always the case for social media buttons. Sometimes big is actually brash and a bit on the’ blingy’ side. Make them big enough to see, but make an effort to keep them discreet if possible so they do not detract and distract from the message you are attempting to send out.

When you really put the buttons is also a case of debate. Some would suggest putting them higher up the page to ensure that users are able to see them immediately. Others suggest, particularly for pages that include long blogs or articles, that the icons should sit at the foot of the page. Generally, there is not a one-size-fits-all answer to this one, I am afraid: it depends on one your particular site and your needs.

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Creating A Better Gaming World

There are millions of online games and there are billions of online gamers in the world today. While most of the online games revolve around action and adventure, there are also games which help you solve real-world problems. There are games that merge digital and real-world social environments. There are games designed for enhancing education and health. There are games for helping people with traumas live a better life. In short, there are games for helping people from every walk of life.

There are thousands of game developers and designers in the world. Most of them are inspired by the idea of entertaining people. But, there are also some who care only for money. They make games which do not really help anyone. They just care for the money. Today, there are a lot of such people in the gaming industry. This has become a reason to worry.

So, what’s the solution to this?

Being in the gaming industry can be much better when you have the motive of helping people improve their lives. There are a lot of ways to do this. You can create games that help improve people’s mental state. You can motivate people to live a good life. You can help them overcome the troubles in their life.

Games are a great way to have fun. You can create games for children and make them smarter. You can work on creating games that have a big impact on society.

There are a lot of things that you can do as game developers. Making the world a better place is one of the things that you can do as a game developer that you will be proud of.

You can inspire people to live a better life. You can create amazing things that will make you wonder more about life and stuff. You can create a world of your own. You can create your own characters.

As a game developer, you have the power to make big changes in the world. You can create a dent in the world with your efforts and innovation. You can make the world a better place through games. It is only time that will tell how you can do it and what impact you are going to have in the world.

There are online game streamers who share their game tactics with the world. They can have a great impact on the gaming industry too. Every day more and more people join the gaming community because of Twitch. Even you can create your own image on Twitch by steaming game videos on Twitch. You can get Twitch followers and keep growing your follower base. This is a great way to make use of your gaming skills and make money out of it. There are websites where you can get Twitch followers for cheap. You can start your game streaming journey with enough followers and get instant attention.

Gaming has always been close to my heart. I love online gaming and I have dedicated many years to grow a gaming community online. While I have seen a lot of people wasting their time on gaming platforms, I have also come across people who make fortunes out of it. In most cases, winning or failing in the online gaming industry depends on the person’s intentions. If you are a gamer with intentions of contributing to the gaming community and making it better, you are likely to see success in the gaming industry.


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How I became a writer

There were times when I used to spend nights jotting down my endless thoughts into a journal. That was the time when I had experienced the first heartbreak of my life. I was in love with a girl from my college. After being together for a year, she decided to call it quits. It was tough staying alone during that period of my life. I tried different ways to help myself move on. After trying a lot of things, I found comfort in writing. It helped me heal. That was when I decided to write every single day for the rest of my life.

It has been 5 years since then and now I never spend a day without jotting down my thoughts in my journal. During those days, I really used to be surprised at the thoughts that kept coming to my mind. I started to feel that I had to share these thoughts with the world outside. That was when I started sharing articles on Medium. I started by sharing my insights about relationships and personal growth. Those were the topics I could naturally write about.

However, there was one problem I was faced with. I started losing my patience level. I couldn’t sit down for hours and type. Luckily, I found the solution to this problem soon enough. I came upon this website called This website uses a speech recognition technology to automatically type what you speak. Since then I have been using this most of the time. It has saved me a lot of time and I have been more creative with my writing.

Eventually, I started writing for my own blog and on several other platforms for writers. There was one more thing that I started doing. I started networking with other writers. I started going to meetups and conferences. It was great to meet people who had the same aspirations as me. It felt good to know more people.

On one of the days on these conferences, I happened to meet the editor of a small publishing house in my city. I got introduced to him through a friend. His team was looking for new writers. I happened to be lucky to have been approached by him.

A month later, I was sitting in his office for a discussion. I signed my first agreement as a writer that day. They had selected three of my short stories for their new anthology series. I was elated at the thought of seeing my name in print.

The publication work is in progress as I write this article. Soon, I will be able to hold a piece of my work in my hand. I am eagerly waiting for that day.

That is my story of becoming a writer. I hope you found it interesting. Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, let me know what more you want to read. I will do my best to write on those topics. Thanks for reading!


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