One of the things that makes human beings different from other animals is their sense of empathy and love. This sense of love and empathy has become the reason for humans adopting pets and caring for them. Dog’s were the first animals to be domesticated by humans. So, what is it that made humans like this animal so much that they started keeping them? Read on to find out.

Bare beginnings

During the onset of civilization when humans were hunter-gatherers, they used to do the hunting and killing all by themselves. During that time, there were these animals that belonged to the wolf family that would come and eat the remains of the food left by humans. Eventually, these animals started following humans around. They started being dependant on humans for food.

Humans also found them helpful in hunting down their prey. They started working together for hunting and food gathering. This was the start of the bond between humans and dogs that would so many years later become one of the best examples of the human-animal bond.

Since that age, humans and dogs started sharing a common bond. While dogs were dependant on humans for food, humans used them to protect their families. These bond between dog and man has continued till this date.

Present day

Human beings do not hunt for food anymore. However, dogs have become a part of people’s lives more than ever. There are so many dog breeds today that you won’t even know all of them. There is a dog type for almost everyone. You can choose a dog that suits your personality.

Your dog can be your best friend. You won’t ever feel bored in a dog’s company. That is the reason for people to have dogs as pets. There are so many things that make dogs one of the best pets you can have. They are fun. They are loving. They are protective. They understand your emotions and be by your side whenever you need them. They never judge you. They never complain. They love you unconditionally.

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