How To Secure Your Wi-Fi From Hackers

Gone are the days of worrying about your data allowance, thanks to the generous tariff plans and faster wireless networks. However, that doesn’t mean that you can forget about securing your Wi-Fi connection. Whether you are on your home network or business network, it is really important to make sure that you identify the devices connected to your network.

You never know when an unauthorised user starts streaming pirated movies on your network or doing other illegal stuff. This can get you into real trouble. There are instances where WiFi users become victim to hackers you hack into their routers and even access their router configuration settings.

While there are various risks involved in the event of your network getting hacked, there are precautionary measures to that can help you get rid of unauthorised users and keep them away. Here are some of the measures you can take to keep your WiFi network protected from hackers and unauthorised users.

  1. Change your service set identifier (SSID).

The SSID is the name of your network. This is what your network shows itself to the outside world. It commonly shows the router manufacturer’s name. Changing this name with a random name can make it difficult for hackers to breach into the router.

  1. Update your firmware

Updating your router firmware is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost your security. It takes very little time and costs you nothing. Most routers have an automatic update option. Make sure to enable it to get your router updated automatically from time to time.

  1. Kick Out unknown devices

Knowing who is on your network really helps to keep yourself on the safer side. Most routers show the list of connected devices in the Maintenance Menu. There are tools out there that can help you do the same and much more.

One of the most renowned among them is the Wifikill app for Android. The Wifikill app scans for IP addresses and shows the connected devices. It makes it easier to identify the devices as it shows the names of the devices along with their IP addresses. The most important feature of this app is that it can help you kick any device from the network. The best part is that you can do all of this from your smartphone.

  1. Don’t share your password

This might seem to be a no-brainer but it is indeed one of the primary precautionary measures for wireless security. If you do not want people to snoop into your Wi-Fi, do not share your WiFi password. In case, they are already using your password, change it to something more complex. That will keep them from snooping on your network.

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How To Keep Others Off Your WiFi Network

Here are a few situations that are relatable to most people on WiFi Networks:


Your friend/roommate has put torrents on download and your internet speed gets terribly low.

Your kids are watching YouTube videos continuously instead of doing their homework. You want to stop them.

You are a business owner and you want to restrict visitors from using the office Wi-Fi.

You want to prank your friends.


For all of these situations, the best option that you might consider is to keep them off your WiFi network.


While you can easily change the WiFi password on your router, this will disconnect the other connected devices from the network. You will have to have the patience of re-entering the new password on all your devices. The other option for you is to ask the person to stop using your WiFi. But, this is something you wouldn’t really want to try.


So, you need to follow a way to keep people off your WiFi without changing your WiFi password. Here is one of the best ways for keeping people off your WiFi without any complications. This is for people who use Windows 10/8/7.


The tool we are going to talk about here is a free software called Netcut.


To get started, download Netcut from the official website. The installation process is similar to the installation of any other Windows program. After installation, Netcut may prompt you to install another program called WinpCap. The installation screen for this program appears after you finish installing Netcut. Following the installation wizard can help you install the program easily.


While you download Netcut and install it, you may be required to restart your computer several times. Make sure to save all your work before installing the software.


Once installed and launched, the software shows you the list of all the devices with their MAC addresses connected to the same WiFi network. Choose the MAC address you want to block and click on the “Cut” option. This disconnects the device from the WiFi network. To give back access to the device, click on the “On” button.



  1. Free.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Works on all the mainstream versions of Windows.


  1. Outdated User Interface
  2. You have to know the MAC address of the victim’s computer or device.


How It Works

Once you start the application, it spoofs the MAC address of the Router and makes the target device believe that it is the original router.


Now, the target device starts sending all the data packets to your device. When this happens, Netcut doesn’t forward those packets to the router. Instead, it just drops them. This results in the internet connection not working on the target device.


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The Pros and Cons of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a highly sought-after career these days. Every second person today wants to be an entrepreneur today. There are various reasons for the increase in the number of people who choose entrepreneurship as a career option. However, that is not something we are going to discuss in this article. This article is about the things you need to understand that can help you decide if entrepreneurship is actually the right choice for you. As with most things in life, there are pros and cons of being an entrepreneur. You really need to check them out and make an evaluation of the risks involved to make sure that entrepreneurship is the right choice of career for you.

While running your own business may seem like a really good idea, remember that not everyone is cut out to be their own boss and set up a business to make money.

Here are some of the pros entrepreneurs enjoy:

1. Independence –

Being your own boss and making your own business decisions is a big plus point of entrepreneurship. You won’t have to wait for the approval of another person to get on with your project. More importantly, you will be free to choose your own projects and follow your own way of going through them without any interruption.

2. Excitement –

For those of you who enjoy taking risks, setting up your own business might be a good choice. However, you need to be cautious as the world of entrepreneurship is not stable. There will be days when you see a rise in your sales. There will be days when your sales do down by a huge margin. There needs to a certain amount of patience in you when you are looking after a business. You need to be excited about your business even if you are not making a great profit out of it. If you love and enjoy your work, you will definitely start making profits in the long run.

Rules –

If you are someone who doesn’t like to follow the rules of a regular organization then you should head out on your own. That is the best option for you.

Flexibility –

There is a lot of flexibility in working for yourself. You set your own timings. This way you get to balance your personal and professional life quite well.

Some of the cons include:

Income –

Setting your own venture will take away the comfort and security of a steady income you are used to. There might be times when you have to invest a lot of money into the business without any returns for a month or two.

Risk –

Entrepreneurship involves a huge risk. If not handled the right way, your business venture can lead you to huge losses and you may even have to shut it down to avoid getting bankrupt.

Benefits –

When you get started with a new business, you cannot expect to get good returns immediately. The benefits will be few, to begin with. But, when the business takes up the pace, you can gain huge profits from it and expand your business further. When I started with my business two years ago, it was slow progress. But, soon the business started making profits and within a year I managed to make the break-even happen. The first thing I did after that was to finance a new car. Car Insurance Bazaar is a website that lets you compare car insurance rates.

These were the pros and cons of entrepreneurship. If you are interested in more tips and strategies for business success, let us know in the comment section below. We hope you found this post informative and helpful. Please let us know your thoughts about it in the comment section below.

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The Benefits Of Raw Food Diet

Since the beginning of time, people have been eating raw food. Yet, it has gained much popularity only in the recent times. The best example to bring across our point here would be the Japanese dish Sushi. It contains rice, seasoning and raw fish. The practice of eating Sushi has been going on since the seventh century in Asia. However, in the last couple of decades, sushi bars and restaurants have emerged all over the world.

Here are the advantages of eating food in its natural form:

  1. More Nutritional Content

There are more nutrients in raw food than once it has been cooked. The process of cooking food at high temperatures takes out nutrients from the food. This is why it is much more healthy to steam vegetables when cooking them, rather than boiling them. Raw food contains microorganisms which support your body’s digestive system.

  1. Natural Goodness

Food cooked at high temperatures increases the chances of consuming harmful chemicals. On the other hand, food in its natural state is free of artificial flavourings, colourings and chemicals, leaving lots of natural goodness.

  1. Consuming Raw Food Can Help You Lose Weight

Apart from containing fewer calories in its natural state, raw foods contain substances that make the digestive system more efficient at breaking down food, which helps in weight loss. Raw vegetables also contain enzymes which speed up digestion and help your body burn fat. However, when you feel like cooking, you also have the option to cook something healthy. Weight Victor gives you a detailed description of the healthy cooking methods that can retain the essential nutrients and make your food tastier at the same time.

Certain foods like chicken are not safe to eat in their raw state. But there are plenty of foods that can give you a nutritious diet when eaten raw. Some of them are:

Fresh Fruit.

Dried Fruits.

Fresh Vegetables.

Raw Honey.


Nuts and Seeds.


Herbs and Spices.

A raw food diet is high in fiber, low in calories and based on primarily healthy whole-plant foods. This makes it a preferable food for weight loss. However, the diet can be highly restrictive that will be hard to stay on for the long-term. In general, cooking makes your food more easily digestible and safer. There are some nutrient-rich superfoods that can’t be eaten raw, such as beans, whole grains, and lean proteins.

Final Words…

The food you eat should be based on your health goals. If you aim to stay fit, eating raw food can be healthy. But, you need to balance it with cooked foods. If you want to get a diet for weight loss you need to look for specific food and recipes for weight loss. Weight Victor is a website that has a list of food and recipes intended for weight loss, especially for those who follow the Weight Watchers program.

We hope you found this post useful. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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12 Must Have Foods For Your Indian Weight Gain Diet Plan

While there are a lot of people who look for weight loss food, recipes and tips, there are some who really struggle to gain some weight. Sadly, the majority of these people opt for unhealthy junk foods to gain some kilos. If you are someone who wants to gain weight or if you know someone who relies on high-calorie junk food to meet their weight gain goals, you could enlighten yourself with the content of this article. Here we share with you the best natural foods that are a must-have for Indian diet plan for weight gain.




Salmon is a great source of healthy omega-3 fats. The high-quality protein from salmon helps to increase weight and build muscles at the same time.

Whole Eggs



Whole eggs are loaded with high-quality proteins, good cholesterol and vitamins A, D and E. this makes them one of the best foods for weight gain and muscle building.




Butter is a food item that is really beneficial for long-term weight gain. However, you need to consume them in moderation as they are unhealthy for your heart health when consumed regularly.


Fruit juice



One of the most effective ways to add some kilos to your body weight is to sip fruit juice. However, the fruit juice you consume has to be 100% fruit juice without any added supplements.

Whole wheat bread



Healthy wheat bread is a good option when you want to put on some weight while eating something healthy. You have the option to combine them with eggs, meat or some milk product to make a well balanced protein-packed meal.

Dried fruits




Dried fruits have more calories than fresh fruits and help you gain calories quickly. Besides, these are really tasty and nutritious.





Oatmeal has a high fibre content. A bowl of oatmeal makes for the perfect breakfast. It is full of almost all the vital nutrients for the body and helps you gain weight.


Full-fat yoghurt



This is another ingredient that can aid in adding weight to your body. It has healthy fats and proteins that works incredibly as your daily diet for quick weight gain.




Bananas work really well as a workout fuel. They are rich in carbs and helps in gaining weight. One banana gives you about 100 calories. This makes it a must-have food on our list.


Chicken breast



Chicken breast is considered to be the healthiest part of the chicken. It is the non-fat part of the chicken and contains 78 calories for each serving. This makes it a must-have on our food-list for weight gain.






Milk is considered as one of the best food sources for weight gainers. It has been used for generations for its effective results on the human body. Milk contains both casein and whey protein which are essential nutrients for someone who is looking for weight gain and muscle building.






Rice is a great source of carbs. It is easy to consume and digest and helps you to gain weight in a healthy way. However, you need to careful while choosing the right kind of rice for consumption as some rice are high in arsenic which may not be good for your body.


Include these food items in your diet to get the best out of your Indian diet plan for weight gain. These food items will definitely help you to gain weight in a healthy way.

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How To Get More Views And Subscribers On YouTube

Getting high-quality content is a priority when it comes to gaining more subscribers for your channel. Additionally, another important factor to take care of is whether or not your videos are getting enough attention from views. In case your videos are not getting enough views, there are certain things that can be done to increase the views. Let me walk you through the following tips so that you understand what really needs to be done to increase viewership for your YouTube channel.

1. Give appealing titles to your videos


The title of your video is the first thing that viewers notice. If you are successful in getting a title that attracts viewers, you have done half the job. Most people click on videos that have catchy titles. So, consider coming up with catchy but relevant titles for each of your videos.

2. Request the viewers to subscribe


This s something that is a must-do for any YouTube channel. It is your subscribes who motivate you to be consistent in posting the content. Asking for subscription is a ‘call for action’ that really works if done the right way. Adding a persuasive phrase before actually mentioning the call to action can really increase the chances of getting more subscribers.

3. Manage your videos


Your videos represent your brand. Growing the visibility of your video requires you to make high-quality videos consistently. Another important factor that can increase the visibility of your content is to make sure that everything you put on your video is relevant to your target market. Organize your video in a certain order so that users find it easy to discover your content.

4. Buy YouTube likes and comments

To give your videos an initial boost in viewership, buy likes and comments for your videos. Doing this will not only boost your viewership, this will increase your authoritative status as a YouTuber. is a reliable source for buying YouTube likes and comments. The services from are safe and helpful. The support team is great too.

5. Ask for likes and shares


At the end of the video or even during the video, ask the viewers to like it and share it. Mention things in your video that people can have an opinion on. Persuade them to like and share the video if they agree with you. Ask them for comments if they do not agree with you. Ask for their opinions and suggestions. Engage them in a debate in the comment section. This will definitely increase the reach of your videos and help you gain more subscribers.

6. Contests and campaigns

Contests and campaigns are a great way to get more viewership at one go. Involving social media channels to announce the contest can amplify the reach of your video and make viewers involved.

Wrapping up


I really hope you found this post useful and informative. If you have any queries or suggestions about the post, please leave it in the comment section. And, don’t forget to share the post if you like it. Thank you very much for reading!

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Bucket Lists – Writing Down What You Want to Do Before You Die

Our life is something that we often take for granted. We keep forgetting that we’re not going to live in this world forever. There will be a time when we have to say goodbye. so, why not live a life full of thrill and excitement and make the most out of your days? To make things happen and do what you love, you need to write in down so that you don’t forget about it. That is what we call a bucket list.

Create a bucket list and do not wait until you’re way too old to enjoy your bucket list.

So why do we wait until we are too old to actually enjoy all of the stuff we wish to do? Look around you at all of the older travellers finally doing whatever they needed to do 20 years ago.

Do you think anyone lies all over their death bed thinking I wish I had worked some more? Start right now, grab that notebook and pen, make your list of the next ten things you would like to do if you die this year.

  • Travel to a strange place and eat strange food
  • Learn a new language and talk like a local
  • Go parachuting, flying, skiing, ballooning anything to make you hold your breath
  • Go live in another country and experience their lifestyle
  • Write your own novel
  • Stand next to the Effiel Tower or under the pyramids and feel the power of the ancients
Just do something before you cannot anymoreClose your eyes for a second and think of what you will regret not doing if tomorrow was your last day. Did you realize that future is surely the very last day at some point in your life?

As we get older our systems find it harder to walk steep stairways, or trek along jungle trails, or run from bulls. Why wait and miss those chances to truly live your life?

365 is the magic number

Everybody gets the exact same number of days annually to do a thing with. Go buy a dairy with a page for every day and begin writing in every day, an exercise that you’d love to do.

Fill your whole year, 365 days, with activities and events that would become your life’s work. Challenge your friends to do something fascinating every month and also have a prize for the most fantastic experience.

Last year I challenged one of my closest friends to go on a road trip around northeast India. He did not just take the challenge, he completed the whole trip on a scooter? You can get the best electric scooters in India which are as good as fuel-powered scooters. I’m talking about the best electric scooters in India because electric scooters are eco-friendly and I’m a nature lover.

Believe me, when I say you don’t wish to be the forlorn man waiting in a cold carpark to do a thing so simple, he put off for his entire working life. We take life for granted and we need to STOP that and begin doing what we like to do.

 “If your life was a book title, what would it say?”

Now’s the perfect time to write the title, get out of the rut and step into your life today.

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Habits To Enrich Your Lifestyle

When it comes to habits that can improve our lifestyle, we usually come short of willpower after a time or find out that we have a tough time keeping up with some of them. What most of us don’t realize is that the original cause of the trouble comes from within us. Nevertheless, with effort, it could be redesigned.

Do you dwell on things? Do you suspect you are not good enough, smart enough, or strong enough? If you might simply choose one, two or more habits to redesign your lifestyle in the next couple of months, what would they be? Would they be habits that will have the most impact on your daily life?

First, the fact that you have to understand is the fact that willpower is much more effective compared to any I.Q. Your willpower can overtake some thoughts or obstacles you believe are in your way. But in order to enrich your lifestyle, you have to create habits that allow you acceptance about every aspect of yourself, which is not always easy.

Since childhood, you listen to comments, remarks, expectations and laughs from relatives, acquaintances, peers, colleagues, and people around you, which have often much more negative connotation than a constructive meaning.

As a result, you have a low self-esteem which can be at an unconscious or conscious level. But if you can find a means to enrich your life or lifestyle entirely, it will push you to recognize that you are able to do something you put your mind to doing. You can learn new habits, new abilities and live a more satisfying life.

May I remind you that what relatives or anyone else says or think aren’t the facts, but just opinions formed by others! To start making a difference and enriching your lifestyle, you have to accept yourself as who you are and that you could be different if required.

Five Habits to Enrich Your Lifestyle

Now let us go over 5 of the most valuable habits to ameliorate and create a much more satisfying you.

1. Self Image to Form a better You

In the beginning, to enrich your lifestyle, you have to understand and realize that you, as a person, matter. Setting goals are actually a very good way to make a better you and develop all aspects of your life, which will change your lifestyle tremendously.

You have to understand that setting goals have an enormous impact if you wish to improve your life. They are not a quick cure but a component for upgrading your lifestyle. The next phase is you have to take action and start making changes by learning how to appreciate and love yourself.

For that reason, you have to stop your inward criticism. Stay away from letting your mind take over or anyone else criticize you. You are somebody and are worthy. In order to enrich your lifestyle, prevent the negative self-talk. You have to change the negative statements with positive ones.

2. Self Focus to Create Good Habits

In order to enrich your way of life, you have to concentrate on one goal, on one job at a time which is a lot more efficient. Additionally, you have to concentrate on one habit at a time before getting another one in the picture. While it may seem extremely difficult, focusing on one habit is the best way of creating healthy habits.

Once you attempt to create many habits at once, you are scattering your focus and energy all over the place. Choose one habit to focus on first. Split it into a goal you can accomplish in the next 3 months. Pick an action you can do now and start. Carry on doing this until the habit becomes second nature.

When one habit feels like a complete part of you, focus on the next pattern. As you desire to enrich your lifestyle, a number of goals of yours may also be external ones. Well, in those cases, turn them into habits. Focus completely on turning your goal into a habit, until the habit is actually deep rooted. Then focus on the next one.

3. Self Value to Enrich Your Lifestyle

Nowadays, we are likely to value people by what they have rather than by who they are. Thus, to improve your lifestyle, you have to learn to understand that real value is not material things but rather the value you have about yourself.

I can tell you this from experience. I know people who are least concerned about material gains and more concerned about making the world a better place to live. I have met people who have been selfless and have done incredible work in helping blind people. These people have created a free braille translator. This free braille translator can help blind people translate normal texts into braille texts.

Don’t get me wrong, material things are actually great but are not the most crucial. When you lose everything, what’s left? You will still have YOU! Therefore, remind yourself you are a unique, worthy, and outstanding person who matters in this world. You are a miracle of life!

You might love it or not; your ultimate reality is created by what you believe, what you think and how you talk about yourself. Thus, to enrich your lifestyle, you have to value yourself. You are as good as anybody else out there. And of course, it could be quite difficult to accept as true, but it’s always possible.

4. Self Education to Make You A Fortune

Do whatever it takes to educate yourself. Read more than normal, at least one hour a day. Read about everything and anything that floats your boat. Most successful people read books. It can be audio, but the best is a book in which you can highlight important parts you are able to use or even go back to when needed.

Learn and acquire new skills because the more you learn, the more you earn. Reflect and meditate also on what you have read through each day for a minimum of 15 minutes or more. The main reason being is its incredible benefits for your health in terms of physical and mental capabilities.

5. Self Trust to Build Self Confidence

When you would like to enrich your lifestyle, you have to trust your feelings and your gut instincts. You have to rely a great deal more on your gut feelings when the need comes to make a decision or take action. Stay away from letting others make decisions for you.

Therefore, begin by making decisions for yourself rather than carrying out a map set by others for you to follow. The individuals that do have trust in themselves are actually the ones that take charge of their own lives, letting no one intrude on your choices.

You need to believe even more in yourself, and the best way to enrich your lifestyle is to spend time with people who have self-confidence. Their good attitude is going to rub on you. You can also ask them to guide you.

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