What Is The Dishonor Of Check? 

A check is supposed to be honored if the banks give the amount to the payee. While, if the bank will not pay the amount to the payee, the check is supposed to be dishonored. As such, disrespect of check is a condition wherein the bank will not pay the amount of the check to the payee. 

At whatever point the check is dishonored, the drawee bank instantly gives a ‘Check Return Memo’ to the payee banker specifying the reasons for dishonor. The payee banker gives the notice and the dishonored check to the payee.

Moreover, the payee has to pull out to the drawer within 30 days from the date of receiving “Check Return Memo” from the bank. The notification should express that the check amount will be paid to the payee within 15 days from the date of receipt of the notification by the drawer. 

Reasons For Dishonor 

Insufficient Funds 

It is an exceptionally regular misstep or reason because of which the bank restores the check unpaid. Some of the time, you compose the check against the compensation to be credited on a specific date. However, if the compensation isn’t credited or gets late then the check is introduced for payment, the Bank will restore it unpaid. In this way, affirm or maintain bank balance in your account before issuing. 

Post-Dated Check 

If the date referenced on the check is yet to come then it is known as a post-dated check and these are to be introduced in the bank sometime in the future. For instance., If a check composed on 30th July 2019 bears the date sixteenth August 2019, is a post-dated check and if this is introduced to the bank before the referenced date then this check will be dishonored. 

Stale Check 

A Check is legitimate for a quarter of a year from the date composed on Check. If a Check is introduced following three months of the date composed on Check then Check is called Stale Check. Banks can not make the payment of Stale Check and return it unpaid with the reason “Stale Check or Instrument”. 

Frozen Account 

In case, the court or the legislature has requested that an individual’s account has to be solidified then in such a case all checks bearing that specific account number will be dishonored by the bank. 

Unpredictable Signature

If the drawer’s signature on the check is different than that of the example signature accessible with the bank then the check won’t be acknowledged and treated as a dishonored check. The signature ought to never be changed. 


Modifications on checks are not allowed. Regardless of whether you sign the modification to verify it, the check won’t be considered as substantial and won’t be honored by the bank. A check will be dishonored if there is small overwriting of writings, amendments made subsequent to filing the check, missing pertinent subtleties, and so on. 

Incorrect Amount

At the point when you enter the amount in numbers that you need to pull back, you have to make reference to that amount in words as well. It never really verifies the amount and to shield you from any kind of extortion. In this way, if the amount in words in Indian rupees is incorrect it may not be acknowledged by the banking specialists.