Appreciation boosts up self-esteem and confidence. Just like the way you feel more confident when you receive appraisal from someone, in the same way, when your video on YouTube is liked by others it makes you more confident and takes you one step ahead in your journey to YouTube popularity.

Video marketing at this time is more popular than ever before. YouTube videos are one of the best sources of marketing your services, products or business. People or businesses conduct marketing on YouTube by uploading videos which demonstrate the advantages of using their services or products.

Effects of Likes in YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing is one of the most important aspects of Digital Marketing. It is an integral part of marketing on the internet. A video uploaded on YouTube has the potential to reach out to a lot of people on the internet and thereby increase engagement and sales. When the video is good and offers value to people, it gets more likes which increases its credibility and leads to more views and more likes. The more the video gets liked, the more are the chances of the product being popular on the internet. 10,000 is a decent number of likes that can boost your video’s engagement really well.

Effects of Dislikes in YouTube Marketing

Dislikes do play a role in YouTube marketing. In fact, it plays a major role in getting more popularity for a video. Digital Marketers do their best to ensure that their videos portray the advantages of the products/services they endorse. However, they are also aware that having a lot of likes on their videos without getting any dislikes may make it appear to be too good to be true. That is one of the reasons marketers do not hesitate to buy YouTube dislikes.


Since YouTube has become a great platform for video content consumption, YouTube marketing has become a necessity for digital marketers. Likes and dislikes do have a great role to play in YouTube marketing. Because YouTube marketing has become the next big thing in Digital marketing, as a digital marketer you will have to make sure that you use every means to drive more engagement to your business using YouTube videos. Create great video content to make people like them and buy YouTube dislikes to maintain a good ratio between your likes and dislikes. This is one of the best ways to increase video engagement and make your YouTube videos popular. The trend of YouTube marketing is likely to grow in the years to come. Make sure to make the best use of YouTube to create a good impact on your business and increase user engagement.

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