Stories about entrepreneurship are always inspiring. These stories fill you with confidence and make you believe that you can achieve whatever you want from life. In this post, you will read the story of a self-made woman entrepreneur from Finland. Hope this story inspires you to dream high and achieve success in whatever you want to pursue in life.

Natasha is a self-made entrepreneur from Finland and this is her story. It was during the college years of her life when she decided to follow her dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Her dream was to start a recycling company of her own. She started small with a tight budget but she was confident that she could do well if she put her heart and mind to it.

She started by collecting plastic waste materials from her neighbourhood. The motive was to use the plastic materials for recycling. She used to spend her weekends taking her collections to the nearby waste recycling centre. There she used to trade her waste collection for a decent amount of cash. This is how she started her business of plastic waste management. Within a year, she was able to generate enough fund to start her own company.

Today she runs her own company. She does the collection and recycling process with the help of a team. She considers this to be a small effort towards doing something good for society. She is ambitious about expanding her business to other parts of the country. With a firm belief that the recycling industry in her country has a good future, she keeps working with the hope that she will be able to make her mark in the world. While she is still a long way from reaching the status of the top recycling companies in Finland, her determination will take her to that place soon.

When asked about her inspiration for such work, she states that the internet has played a major role in helping her choose this as a career. She did a lot of research about the recycling business while she had started her businesses as a waste collector. She says that she always makes effort to keep herself updated with the latest trends and news from the world of finance and entrepreneurship. When asked if she has any advice for aspiring young entrepreneurs, this is what she said:

“Look around you and find something that you want to change for the good of the people. Then build your business around it. Choose a career that helps you give back to society.”

We hope that she finds success in her endeavour of making the world a better place by keeping it waste free.

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