Why Boosting Your Wild Rift Game Is A Good Thing?

Wild Rift game is a mobile-based game where two teams compete in a five vs five ranked battle and try to defeat the other team with their characters, their skills, and their individual gameplay patterns. The game was made by the gaming giant Riot games in the year 2020 and only the beta version of this game was rolled out in regions like North America, Africa, Middle East, Australia, Europe, and Russia. The game is very similar to its inspiration game which is League of Legends. The game is based on the same algorithms and has the same features and qualities in many instances.

The game is however different in many terms from the League of Legends as it can be played on smartphones and consoles only whereas the League of legends can be played on PC. The game’s arena, characters, and in-game features are quite similar but the game developers have put an effort to make it unique for the mobile gamers by adding some new elements to the existing characters and making some new abilities, some new skins, and giving new names to the in-game currency. 

The game has more than 50 heroes for now and each hero has its own special ability in every other lane. The game can be played easily by every user and unlocking the hidden potential of the game is easy at the start but as the game progresses and you rank up, the game gets difficult and you find it really hard to compete against the players who already are ahead of you in the race. However, this time the gamer developer added a fortitude system to save you from drowning in this game by strong your rank points up to a certain level of defeat. This system helps the new player to save their hard-earned points from getting vanished and they can slowly progress and earn new rank points by winning more games.

If you are new to this game then this system can be very beneficial for you to gain more rank points, but if you are looking for an even more easy way to get more rank points or to get a certain boost in your game, then you can use the rank-boosting service from the websites online and boat your rank easily in this game. Read more about boosting your rank here and understand what you should opt for this service.

Boosting your game will give you a much-needed push in your game career and you will be able to move up and scale up against new players and unlock new characters in less time. The more you go up in your rank, the more things you will be able to unlock in this game, which in turn will help you only to make your characters more strong for upcoming ranked battles. Boosting your profile is always a good idea and according to the reviews of other people in this game, it is a legal and ethical way of promoting yourself. The top-tier gamers use such services from verified websites and that is why they end up becoming the best players of the game. You too can be the best in the game if you are getting these services from verified services providers. So, if you are thinking to be the best in the game and move your rank up at a fast pace, try the rank boost for free.

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Reasons Why Your Visa Card Might Not Be Working

If you are a Visa cardholder and you are facing issues while operating with your visa card then reading his article might help you. There can be many reasons why your visa card might now be working and there is no need to worry if it is not working. Most of the issues can be resolved in minutes and you can do it on your own without even visiting any of the Visa branches physically. Maybe many people might know what to make their visa card work perfectly but some people are still not aware of it and they get stressed out once their cards stop working properly. 

There are various kinds of Visa cards but here we are telling you about the Visa gift cards that are popular with the people who shop a lot. Suppose your onevanilla card not working properly, then what are you going to do with it? Maybe you do not know how to run your vanilla card properly and that’s why you feel it’s not working at all. Let’s get started with the reasons and understand how to take corrective measures.

Is It Activated Yet?

Buying a gift card and activating your gift card are two separate things that you need to do. When you buy your gift card, you need to perform some simple steps written at the back of your card to load the balance, and then only you can use it. Although now when you buy cards from stores they are loaded with balance when it comes to Visa Cards they are associated with your bank account and they need to even activate before using in any sort of transaction. 

Issues In Online Transactions

Sometimes you may feel that when you are performing any online transaction, your gift card declines and this thing happens when your address on your gift card and the billing address don’t match with each other. Here you need to go to the bank and update the address on the card. These mistakes are very common when you buy gift cards from grocery stores or any sort of place where you are not required to put your name and address.

Maybe You Are In Waiting Period

Some sellers set a restriction on their cards that users cannot use their gift cards for 24 to 48 hours after their purchase. So, if you have bought your card from any of such stores, you might have to wait for this time period to pass, and then you can use your card easily. Before that, your card would not be accepted anywhere whether you use it online or offline to buy any product.

Maybe It’s Not Working On A particular Website Or Store

Sometimes due to server errors, the card declines, and the discount that you want is not received. For this, the simple thing you can do is to wait for some time and let the server operator in a proper way or you can try buying anything else from any other online or offline store. Try at least 2-3 stores to check whether it’s working or not. 

Look If You Are Not Making Any International transaction

Sometimes when you are making any international transactions that normal visa cards do not work as they are only designed to be operational in the parent country. So, if you are going outside that country limits that gift card won’t work. But some cards which are designed to work globally can work easily.

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Some Basics For Choosing The Best Shoe Covers

Disposable shoe covers fall under the category of PPE or personal protective equipment. The World Health Organization states that using personal protective equipment provides a physical barrier between micro-organisms and the wearer. It offers protection by helping prevent microorganisms from contaminating hands, eyes, clothing, hair, and shoes. PPE also helps prevent microorganisms from being transmitted to other patients and staff.

The World Health Organization publication “Practical Guidelines for Infection Control in Health Care Facilities” states that disposable shoe covers should be worn where there is the likelihood the patient’s blood, bodily fluids, secretions, or excretions may splash, spill or leak onto the hair or shoes. Disposable shoe covers should not be reused and should be discarded according to the healthcare facility protocol.

When selecting the best Disposable Booties or the best shoe covers for yourself,  you will want to consider the material, type of seam, and application. When selecting disposable shoe covers there are several material options available to choose from including all film CPE, SureGrip, GenPro, and AquaTrak.

Material Properties and Applications 

The CPE shoe covers are heat fixed, consistent, and offer superb liquid safely and give extraordinary dry surface footing. These non-particulate, non-conductive expandable shoe covers are ideal for basic conditions by decreasing the capability of tainting after entering work areas. 

The SureGrip shoe cover displays a phenomenal enemy of slide properties and is basically the best material for moist and dry conditions. These disposable shoe covers have an ultra-low particulate tally and show a fantastic enemy of slip properties without adding any additional material to the sole that could add to tainting concerns. 

The AquaTrak material gives amazing insurance in both wet and dry conditions, this material was planned specifically for predominant execution in wet conditions. The counter pallet properties give stunning slip and fall security with no extra coatings. These boot covers give the client a breathable and agreeable PPE arrangement. 

Crease Types 

Serged Seams are created when the strings are interlocked around the material edges for a solid pressure-safe crease. 

Warmth Sealed Seams are solid and make an impenetrable crease when ultrasonic welding is incongruent with the shoe or boot cover material. 

Ultrasonically Welded Seams are made without string openings and are welded together making a prevalent molecule and liquid obstruction. 

Burrowed Elastic Seam configuration gives a protected conclusion to the shoe or boot cover and helps limit the molecule and liquid tainting. 

With regards to choosing the correct expandable shoe covers, it is critical to comprehend the different characteristics of the materials and which one is ideal for your specific application. The CPE film expendable shoe covers are ideal for some applications where worth and change are required. The SureGrip disposable shoe covers have been substantiated themselves as the shoe front of decision for a wide scope of floor surfaces in different applications while giving you superior and general esteem. The GenPro expandable shoe covers are brilliant for office guests for non-perilous conditions, these covers give a moderate obstruction to liquids, particulates, and defilement.

So, depending on the application and the usage, and the work that you are into daily, will help you in choosing the right kind of disposable boots or shoe covers. If you are just willing to buy it for your home just to avoid the possibility of covid contraction, you can buy the normal shoe covers available online at various sites or you can visit your local chemist and ask them for disposable shoe covers.

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Various Materials Used For Making Hammocks

The hammocks are made durable as most of the hammocks are used by the people who go on adventures and need a cozy, comfortable yet powerful thing that can bear their weight while they enjoy resting after a tiring day. Various materials are used to make hammocks but only a few materials are more common when you go to buy a hammock. There are some hammocks that can be rested on a stand and they get support from the ground by those stands, but most of the hammocks are designed for adventures and you tie them from both sides and rest your body mid-air without any ground support. 

So, the hammock that you are choosing for yourself needs to be lightweight, easy to set up, easy to carry but at the same time it needs to be strong enough to carry at least your weight without any problem. Different sizes are available in the market if you want to buy a two-person hammock for yourself, but make sure you choose the best quality hammock as two people are going to rest on the hammock. 

As many materials are used for making hammocks but some materials are constant and most of the hammocks are made by these materials only. Check out those materials below.


Cotton is one of the most common materials you will see in the hammocks. Cotton hammocks are usually very popular as they are breathable and more comfortable than any other hammock fabric. The cotton hammocks are durable and if you are going to a place where the temperature is a little high from moderate, cotton hammocks will suit you the best to get air from all sides. There are some drawbacks of cotton hammocks as well like once they are wet, they time to dry, and among all the materials or fabrics in hammocks, they are more prone to mildew. So keep this thing also in mind while choosing your hammock.


Nylon is another material or fabric used for making hammocks that are durable and lightweight. As compared to the cotton hammocks, the nylon hammocks are lesser in weight and better when it comes to issues like mold or mildew. They are resistant to water and dry very quickly. Suppose you want to keep one hammock permanently outside your house then a nylon hammock can be a good choice for you. They are also very easy to clean so if you are willing to take them along with you for any trip, you can pack them in your bag and place them anywhere you want. They are lighter in weight as compared to cotton hammocks but cotton hammocks are more comfortable than nylon hammocks.


Polyester is another material that is very common with people who buy hammocks for the sole purpose of traveling to different places. Polyester hammocks are fire-resistant, dust resistant, and water-resistant. The Best waterproof hammocks that you will see in the market are made of polyester and there is no doubt that they are the most durable kind of hammock. They are even better than nylon hammocks when it comes to resisting molds and mildew. They are very easy to store and it is even more easy to dry them. So, if you are going out on a trip, polyester hammocks can be the best choice for you. You can even trust them in resisting your weight very easily.

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Food You Can Include In Your Ketogenic Diet

In a ketogenic diet, you are majorly focusing on fats and after that, your focus must go on protein sources. There is no problem if you are not able to consume carbs at all, in fact, it is very good if you are able to remove the carbohydrates from your daily diet routine. For people who are on a fat loss journey, a ketogenic diet can be a very good thing to cut down the excess fats by eating more fats and proteins.

There are some people who are not comfortable with nonvegetarian sources like pork, eggs, fish, and chicken which are really food sources for good fats and protein. For them, there are some supplements in the market that can make up for the nutrient deficiency and they can follow the ketosis process easily. But for people who are comfortable with all kinds of food sources, here is the list of food items you can try.


Nuts like peanuts, almonds, flax seeds, and walnuts are very good sources of good fats and protein. These nuts are very low in carbs and contain mostly high fats and protein which are very good things to add to your diet if you are following a ketogenic diet. You can even drink almond milk and eat peanut butter which can be bought from nearby stores.

Dairy Products

Dairy products like eggs, yogurt, cheddar cheese, and cottage cheese are very good sources of good fats and lean protein. These products like cheddar cheese, eggs, and cottage cheese have almost no carbs in them and they are very good things to add as they will help you in keeping your carbs as low as possible.


If you are cooking something for your dinner, lunch or breakfast on a frying pan, you will definitely need some kind of oil for cooking. Use avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, butter or cream for cooking purposes. Sometimes if any of these things are not available you can use sunflower oil or corn oil.


People who want to follow a ketogenic diet but have difficulties in eating food items like chicken, cheese, eggs, or beef can go for supplements that can fulfill the requirement for good fats and protein. Although all these sources have more protein, so you can add whey protein supplements, multivitamins, and fish oil tablets. You can even use the Best Keto boost pills after researching them online to boost your keto performance and get close to your results.


There is protein available in vegetable and dairy products as well like we have mentioned above but here we are taking non-vegetarian things into consideration. Go for lean protein sources like chicken breast, fish, pork, and beef. All these things have lean protein and good fats in them. Moreover, you get almost zero carbohydrates from these sources which is a very good thing if you are following a ketogenic diet.

Fruits And Vegetables

Although there are not so many fruits that you can eat while you are in ketosis but you can eat avocados in moderation and veggies may include spinach, eggplant, Asparagus and celery can also be included in your diet. Make sure you keep all these things in moderation as they are not too high in protein but for vegan people, it can be a very good option for them.

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Construction Companies in Hyderabad

Many construction companies are playing a very important role in shaping Hyderabad. According to a report from BBC, Hyderabad is considered to be the next Silicon Valley of India. Many infrastructures are being constructed in Hyderabad.

Below is the list of the best construction companies in Hyderabad that will help you to turn your dream house into reality. You can check the list of construction companies with their contact details.

List of construction companies Hyderabad

  1. Aparna Constructions

Growing since 1996, they have been offering housing that is a balance of affordability and luxury to their buyers. They have been building homes which meet global standards in term of luxury and also have a great sense of environmental responsibility. They believe that their strength lies in experience, skills, and dedication to deliver the best to their buyers. 

Contact Number – 040- 2335 2708

  1. Raghuram Infrastructure (India) Pvt Ltd

Raghuram Infrastructure has been in the construction industry for the past 32 years. They believe in providing an unparalleled and smooth experience to their customers. Behind their success, they believe that providing their customers with Quality, Innovation, Trust, and Commitment has made them the leading infrastructure company in Hyderabad. 

Contact Number- +91 82977 2797

  1. Vishal Projects Pvt Ltd

A company which has been committed to their customers for their quality constructions, loyalty and equipped with well-known developers and builders. As the living standard of people has been changing particularly people who are ready to spend some extra money to afford to live in posh and luxurious areas, they have been committed to providing these customers with luxury villas to fulfill their dreams and make sure that the customers are being provided with luxury facilities and lovely environment so that they can enter their dream house with satisfaction and happiness.

Contact Number-  040 4480 8080

4 Sri Srinivasa Mansan Constructions

With over 16 years of experience, they are renowned for their persistent delivery of value and adapting to the changes according to their customer needs over these years. They have built almost 48 projects not only in Hyderabad but also in Chennai. According to their vision, they want to introduce innovative and world-class construction solutions in the infrastructure industry. Their mission is to provide living spaces with an exceptional standard of quality, professionalism, and business ethics and treating every project as a signature project to offer peace of mind to their buyers. 

Contact Number- 087900 09000

  1. R K Estates

R K Estates have been among the very few professional firms, who have been working with an individual or a group of customers who need personal attention and professional assistance regarding their infrastructure. They have completed almost 300 large and medium projects which are mostly Independent houses or Group housing projects which include apartments. They are not only the fastest growing construction company in this sector but also have a presence in interiors, roads, bridges, and industrial construction. They believe that they have accomplished these heights by combining their experience, engineering, knowledge, and innovative skills. 

Contact Number- 040 2355 0260

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Hop on a Penny Board and Enjoy!

New year resolutions are of course meant to be broken, people make resolution on the very first day of the year, but fail to keep the resolution beyond a week or a month, tops. I mean I know that it is a little difficult to maintain a routine of things that you have started afresh, but trying never harms anyone..there are definitely some things that can be done by investing only half an hour in a day(without investing too much of money too)

1) Meditate: Make a promise to keep calm in situations that need you to have a calm mind.. meditation can be very useful as it makes you a more patient and positive person. This resolution is something that needs only your time and patience..and nothing else!
2) Spare time: In the rush to make ends meet, people usually forget to take care of themselves..generally people who work in an office or handle all the household chores, forget about their own needs and put their loved one’s lives before them..which is not bad, but sometimes you need to take care of yourself too. Making some time for yourself, wherein you do nothing but spend time in your own company by watching TV or doing something you love should be an absolute regular habit.This resolution might help you a big deal in loving yourself and would improve the relationship of you with your body and will only cost you time and nothing else(that’s the least you can do for yourself)
3) Exercise: Keeping your body active and fresh is something that is absolutely mandatory, especially due to current times wherein we eat whatever we want and do whatever we like..from the oxygen we intake to the food we eat . everything is to wash out the toxins we intake daily, exercising is an absolute must.. exercising doesn’t necessarily mean sweating out and tiring yourself at the means that you should at least devote 30 minutes of your daily routine just to do something for the benefit of your body alone. Exercising can cost nothing at all, but not exercising can cost you your health and fitness.
4) Learning something new: Having a hectic schedule through and through is a given in our daily lives.. everyone is in a hurry to live their it a student studying at schools and it a professional doing their job or be it a person carrying out household one has a lot of time to spare..but learning something new is a task that should necessary be done in order to inculcate a fresh perspective for life..for instance you can learn how to ride a penny much do penny boards cost you ask? The money is nominal but the fun it brings is absolutely priceless! Or you can learn how to ride a bike..costs nothing but you would learn how to use a two wheeler..or you can learn pottery, it’s cost is minimum but it is very satisfying to do it..or you can learn how to do doesn’t cost much but in the process you can spend time with your loved ones and it is a really enjoyable activity. Anyway, the amount of things you can do had no limit at can learn something new every two order to indulge yourself in an enjoyable activity.
5) Chase your hobby– You might be having things that you love to do..but don’t get the time to take some time out for that dance class..or the music lessons or the painting will surely not run out of money, but also you will feel free from the boundaries that stopped you from doing what you like or love to do.
It might seem difficult to follow and abide by these resolutions, but trust me…these resolutions will surely make you feel excited and elated about life and it’s happenings. These resolutions might make you fall in love with the most important person of your presence..YOU! 
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The Ordinary Peeling Solution: Australia

Nate and Noah are brothers, they are twins- handsome, smart and outgoing..these two boys are twenty seven years old..both of them were lady’s favorites.

Nate: Dude, you need a haircut.

Noah: I know man, I badly need one..I need to get a pedicure feet are killing me.

Nate: Yes..let’s get them done..I need a full beauty treatment.

Noah: Isn’t that expensive?

Nate: Yes, you might be right. But what to do then?

Noah: Let’s look for some peeling solutions.

Nate: Okay, let’s do it.

Noah: I have found this peeling solution.

Nate: But aren’t peeling solutions banned in Australia?

Noah: Huh? Well, well, well..look who’s Mr. Informative now! Anyway, is it really? I had no idea..why is it banned though?

Nate: Actually mostly skincare products contain a lot of chemicals, especially in peeling has a high concentration of glycolic acid..according to research, glycolic acid makes the skin extremely sensitive to sun.

Noah: Alright..but I see that the Ordinary peeling solution Australia is available.

Nate: Let’s see some information about says that the product offers a very deep exfoliation and a rather less impact of glycols on the skin. The average concentration of 32% AHA is reduced to 30% , which is a significant amount…but, the label clearly suggests cleansing the face before and after the usage of the product is ESSENTIAL. In the case of wrong application or the user has not followed the prescribed method for the might lose it’s quality of being called healthy for the skin.

Noah: Oh, really? How should it be used exactly then?

Nate: First of all, the peeling solution should rather be used by someone who does not have extra sensitive skin..even if people with sensitive skin use it, it should be prescribed by a dermatologist..anyway, it should be used when the skin is dry..I mean wash your face first and then take 5-7 minutes to dry the skin(the chemical can superpose with water and corrode the skin..that is why it should not be used on wet skin) . It should not be left on for more than ten minutes..and after you remove the peel completely, you need to wash your face thoroughly. Usually after the peeling process, the skin becomes sensitive towards the Ultra violet (UV) rays of the sun, so application of sunscreen becomes important (lesser concentration- spread it evenly- the areas where product has been applied)

Noah: Hey! I’ve heard that people remain indoors when they use these peeling solutions..isn’t it?

Nate: Yes, it is the case usually, but the sunscreen will also help you significantly reduce the effect of UV rays coming in contact with glycolic acid on the skin.

Noah: And can we use it daily? I mean, I want my glowy skin as soon as possible, you know.

Nate: No, not at must use this peeling solution at least twice a week..mostly to maintain the peeling regularity. Moreover, whenever it comes to a beauty regimen, you can never get results in a need to be really patient and let the products work their magic on you.

Noah: Okay, let’s work on ourselves and get our magic on!

Nate(laughs hysterically): Dude! You’re such a drama!


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Social Media Apps That Every Company Must Utilize

Social media is now the major factor that can help people in growing their business and get a higher rank in Google SERPs. More the social media sharing, the higher you will be shown in Google results. Google now prefers the websites or businesses that have more social shares as they seem to be more genuine and free from malpractices.

Every organization is now hiring experts who are good with social media just to increase their visibility on google and to grab more audience on social media. Nowadays it is easy to trend on social media if you are able to create impressive content with high-quality graphics, relevant hashtags, and interesting descriptions. If you are able to deliver all those things with every single post, you can ensure the success of your business. 

That is why social media utilization is very important for every business. But do you know what applications you should be using for that? Well, we have here some of the best social media-based applications that are most favorable for any sort of business.


Facebook offers a variety of features and many ways to promote your product through its official website or mobile-based application. You can divert your Facebook audience to your website or anywhere else where you want them to go and view your blog, videos, or list of products or services. Communicating with people is very easy on Facebook and most people use Facebook so there are more chances that your product gets the limelight.


Instagram was basically made to share pictures initially but now it has emerged as one of the biggest shopping portals for people worldwide. This is why all online businesses are now taking advantage of the large reach of this platform. You can use the relevant hashtags, location, and region and add them to your description or your product to get a wider reach. Instagram promotion works with the budget of Facebook and it gives you more results as compared to Facebook. Additionally, there are more chances that you will get more followers here as compared to any other social media application.


Pinterest is basically used by everyone to share images with a short description of the image. Here you will get a more organic reach for your image and you can link your original website with the image to get more unique visitors. Downloading and saving images here is also very easy and you can also use the Pinterest Downloader to download any kind of pins or boards. Pinterest does not have any paid campaign option, so all you get here is organic reach.


Quora is a very easy-to-use platform, here you have to ask questions and answer questions of different users.  Make sure you are asking questions and answering questions of your niche so that you can somehow be able to insert links and keywords related to your niche. You can additionally create backlinks to your website here and if you are able to grab an audience here, you will get more unique visitors every day on your website.


LinkedIn is very useful for very companies as you can hire fresh talent, make use of the hashtags to trend, and post images with the links to get more visibility. LinkedIn marketing is one of the major things that is very trending right now. LinkedIn is not only for jobs but you can share details about your products and services here and create paid campaigns to drive more users to your website.

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Artists That Hit 1 Million Mark On Instagram In 2020

Hitting the one million mark on any social media is a great achievement for any creator who is trying to gain an audience through authentic marketing techniques and creating more valuable content for the audiences. There are many artists that hit the 1 million mark in the year 2020. While everyone was struggling to create content, these users worked hard even while staying at home and gained a large number of followers in that time as well.

You may have seen most of these artists on Instagram, Youtube, or any other social media platform. See who are the top artists that achieved the 1 million mark in the year 2020.

Yashraj Mukhate

Perhaps, you have heard the song that was a major hit during lockdown time “Rasode mai ko tha”, which is an Indian daily soap dialogue. Yashraj Mukhate is the man who created this awesome beat out of this simple dialogue and it went viral overnight and literally, every meme page has this song on their page for several days. He later on created some more songs out of the dialogues and this is how this man gained a lot of followers during the pandemic period. He has now 1.7 million followers on Instagram with a large number of youtube subscribers also.

Rohit Saraf

Rohit Saraf is a Nepali guy who is currently the favorite actor of many girls due to his very sharp looks a charming smile. He showcased his great acting skills in some movies like “The sky is pink”, “Ludo”, and “Mismatched”. His performance got appreciation from all the people and especially the girls who just adore him and are the major contribution to his 1.3 million followers list on Instagram. He has received a lot of love and he appreciated that the people have accepted him.

Dolly Singh

Dolly Singh who gained immense popularity in the year 2020 during lockdown has now 1.1 million followers on Instagram. Dolly Singh age is around 27 years and at this age, she is now one of the major influencers who are good at creating content for social media. She is from a small town “Nainital ”, and she has come a long way and created a place for herself in this entertainment industry through her great comedy videos with many other artists. During the lockdown, she made great content that was totally relatable to normal people’s lives.

Komal Pandey

Komal Pandey is best known for her makeup tutorial, unique styling hacks, and converting normal dresses into trendy fashion stuff. She was awarded as the ‘Best Fashion Blog 2019’ by Cosmopolitan magazine and you can actually see why she got this award after looking at some of her styling and makeup videos on youtube. She worked only on youtube but later on joined Instagram as well and shared short videos and hacks there too. She has now 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

Niharika Nm

Have you seen Jordindian videos on youtube? If you know the theme then you must know her also ass, she has worked with their team on many videos. Niharika Nm is currently 23 years old pursuing her studies in California but she made many short videos and delivered some great performances with jordindian on youtube that helped her growing her Instagram fan following in a very short span of time. She has now 1.4 million followers on Instagram which was only 100k at the start of the year 2020.

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