Imagine a world where your hands won’t hurt from carrying your heavy grocery bags. What if you could call out your phone and it will show you directions to the nearest store? It may seem like science fiction at the moment, but that is a world we’re moving closer towards. Specifically, these are some of the technologies that are being developed right now.

There are many latest inventions from science and technology 2020. They will enhance our lifestyles or solve problems we have now. There are no limits for these new technologies.

A Fine Mist of Water That Keeps You Cool

It is a fine mist of water that keeps you cool. The air from a sprayer is cooled below the dew point and formed into water droplets. Furthermore, it creates a fine mist that evaporates within seconds. This is called micro cooled spraying. Micro cooled spraying creates an artificial gust wind and makes it cooler within the specified range. The sprayer has wide applications including construction sites, bedrooms, offices, gymnasiums, and greenhouses.

Wearable Health Trackers

There has recently been a trend in wearable health trackers designed for more accurate and convenient health monitoring. Wearable health trackers are gadgets with sensors that can be worn on the body to monitor different vital signs. They display these readings on mobile phones or other devices. In this article, we explore today’s most popular wearable health trackers and how they can be useful.

The Smartphone That Never Needs To Be Recharged

We live in a tech-driven world where we’re always on the go. From work to school, you need your smartphone by your side at all times. Throughout my day I find myself constantly checking my phone; emails and social media updates, calendar reminders, and new text messages – all competing for my attention. It’s no surprise that you’ll love the freedom of having a smartphone that never needs charging.

A Phone You Can Unfold Into A Tablet

You’d probably think I was talking about the Galaxy Note / Galaxy Note II or perhaps even the Motorola Atrix 4G. While both of those claims are true, they aren’t the only devices capable of doing so. In fact, it seems that EVERYONE is jumping on this “phablet” trend, with new devices hitting the market each and every month (sometimes more). So, what exactly is a phablet? It’s a phone-tablet hybrid; it’s not quite a smartphone and it’s not quite a tablet (though, in some cases, it has nearly all the functionality of a full-fledged tablet).


The technology is coming, and our maker will soon be able to dream of these machines in their sleep. What’s more, these fantastic inventions are all powered by a brilliant mind or even a few of them. And when they rise from your bed and begin their daily tech-altering routine, don’t be surprised if you find yourself dreaming of what’s to come in the world of technology.