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How Many Words You Need For An Article?

Article Writing or Blog Writing involves an active brain which can think of situations and make something interesting out of it. It is not an easy task at all. With the expansion of digital marketplace many people are taking their businesses online and selling their products and services online through their website or some selling platforms. With the expansion of digital world there is a high competition among all the business competitors to come on the top place in rankings.

Indexing yourself on Google and going up in the rankings of Google is only possible when you are doing the right SEO and before that you need some content to perform SEO. Content is called the king and that is the main reason behind viewership of any website. If you are not having enough content for you visitors then they will also not refer and so does the Google. Google wants authentic and unique content from you which can serve some purpose to the readers.

Articles can be of many types and it is divided into many categories and in every niche you need to write at least 500 words of article. You can see the websites which are ranking in the top has the best of content with more than 800 words per article and if you want to go up in the Google ranking you need to write more that your rivals and everything must be unique and written in your own words because that what Google prefers.

Generally a 500 word above article is enough to rank yourself in the rankings but you need to work really hard in writing that content by your own without copying anything from any other website.  Google can detect that you have copied some article from someone’s website or blog and it may levy a penalty on you for doing that. So it is better to do some research before writing some article and modify the content into your style and post it on your website.

Some people are really not able to write some articles because of time limitation or some other issues for people like them SEO resellers are available in the market which can provide you all the services for some amount. You can content them for content writing services or you ca contact them to perform SEO of your website. They have a dedicated team of worker working on these services and you will get the best and unique content from them. They will perform the research on your behalf and write the article as you say and it is totally according to your demand.  You can tell them to write as many words you want for your website.

Generally people who are new into this field do not now about these services which are present for their help. Many SEO resellers are there in the market but of you have no idea which one is good for you than I have a suggestion for you.

HULK SEOis a SEO reseller which is available on internet providing these services to everyone on a very reasonable cost. Even I tried there service and I must say they have a very fast service and a very quick response team for any of your query. You can try visiting this site if you are looking for some reseller services

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How I became a writer

There were times when I used to spend nights jotting down my endless thoughts into a journal. That was the time when I had experienced the first heartbreak of my life. I was in love with a girl from my college. After being together for a year, she decided to call it quits. It was tough staying alone during that period of my life. I tried different ways to help myself move on. After trying a lot of things, I found comfort in writing. It helped me heal. That was when I decided to write every single day for the rest of my life.

It has been 5 years since then and now I never spend a day without jotting down my thoughts in my journal. During those days, I really used to be surprised at the thoughts that kept coming to my mind. I started to feel that I had to share these thoughts with the world outside. That was when I started sharing articles on Medium. I started by sharing my insights about relationships and personal growth. Those were the topics I could naturally write about.

However, there was one problem I was faced with. I started losing my patience level. I couldn’t sit down for hours and type. Luckily, I found the solution to this problem soon enough. I came upon this website called myvoicetotext.com. This website uses a speech recognition technology to automatically type what you speak. Since then I have been using this most of the time. It has saved me a lot of time and I have been more creative with my writing.

Eventually, I started writing for my own blog and on several other platforms for writers. There was one more thing that I started doing. I started networking with other writers. I started going to meetups and conferences. It was great to meet people who had the same aspirations as me. It felt good to know more people.

On one of the days on these conferences, I happened to meet the editor of a small publishing house in my city. I got introduced to him through a friend. His team was looking for new writers. I happened to be lucky to have been approached by him.

A month later, I was sitting in his office for a discussion. I signed my first agreement as a writer that day. They had selected three of my short stories for their new anthology series. I was elated at the thought of seeing my name in print.

The publication work is in progress as I write this article. Soon, I will be able to hold a piece of my work in my hand. I am eagerly waiting for that day.

That is my story of becoming a writer. I hope you found it interesting. Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, let me know what more you want to read. I will do my best to write on those topics. Thanks for reading!


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