There is not much difference in the intellectual abilities of slow learners and that of a normal student. It is just that they are not able to comprehend what is being taught with the normal teaching methods. This is the reason for having special teaching methods for them. With the application of appropriate teaching methods and the support of parents and teachers, these students can turn out to be successful.

There are teaching centres with specially trained teachers who use certain methods and techniques that make math more interesting. These teachers use their techniques and methods according to the learning ability of the child. While there are several approaches used by these teaching professionals to help slow learners, there are some common tips that everyone can make use of to help such students. Below are given five tips that can help slow learners:

  1. Involve students in practical lessons

Most teachers teach a lot of theory stuff and do not care for practical lessons. This is one of the reasons why some students are not able to completely grasp the lesson. Involving the students in the lesson through practical examples can make them more interested and involved in the process.

  1. Teach individually or in small groups

Teaching individually or in small groups help the teacher to focus on the inabilities of the students. This also helps to improve the social abilities of the student as the students get a chance to discuss their problems with others in the group.

  1. Give them an opportunity to teach

The more you share knowledge, the better you remember. Make the students aware of this point. Give them opportunities to share what they know with the class. This will help students get rid of the fear of maths.

  1. Avoid pressurizing the student

One of the mistakes that many teachers and parents make is that they pressurize the students to finish their task on time. In worst cases, they start comparing themselves with other students and ridicule them in from of the class. This hampers their confidence. Therefore, make it a point not to pressurize a student.

  1. Reward them

One of the things about slow learners is that they have low self-confidence. This is the reason for their being slow learners. To make things better, you need to reward them from time to time. This will raise their confidence.

Whether you are dealing with a student of grade 1 or grade 10, these tips will grow their confidence and help them become better at their subject. Here is a website that can help students from class 10 learn maths.

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