Wild Rift game is a mobile-based game where two teams compete in a five vs five ranked battle and try to defeat the other team with their characters, their skills, and their individual gameplay patterns. The game was made by the gaming giant Riot games in the year 2020 and only the beta version of this game was rolled out in regions like North America, Africa, Middle East, Australia, Europe, and Russia. The game is very similar to its inspiration game which is League of Legends. The game is based on the same algorithms and has the same features and qualities in many instances.

The game is however different in many terms from the League of Legends as it can be played on smartphones and consoles only whereas the League of legends can be played on PC. The game’s arena, characters, and in-game features are quite similar but the game developers have put an effort to make it unique for the mobile gamers by adding some new elements to the existing characters and making some new abilities, some new skins, and giving new names to the in-game currency. 

The game has more than 50 heroes for now and each hero has its own special ability in every other lane. The game can be played easily by every user and unlocking the hidden potential of the game is easy at the start but as the game progresses and you rank up, the game gets difficult and you find it really hard to compete against the players who already are ahead of you in the race. However, this time the gamer developer added a fortitude system to save you from drowning in this game by strong your rank points up to a certain level of defeat. This system helps the new player to save their hard-earned points from getting vanished and they can slowly progress and earn new rank points by winning more games.

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